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The marriage of old Beijing custom
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From of old, male marriage female marry first class of lifetime be regardinged as " happy event " . In the marital system of Chinese long-term feudal society, etiquette and custom perforative " parental life, the character of intermediary Shuo " and " from one and eventually " ethical idea, also received report in the old-style marriage common of old Beijing; From be engaged to be united in wedlock finally, need passes a lot of trival and formal orders.

Protect close
Protect close, introduce marriage namely, common weighs act as a matchmaker. After through both sides of go-between introduction, men and women parents agrees, had wanted portal card above all, both sides uses booklet in accordion form with a slipcase of one red paper each, write on full name, age, native place, 3 generation (great-grandfather mother, grandparent, parents) renown date, deliver by go-between, namely " gift gift " in what say " ask a name " . Subsequently, elder of both sides of male and female chooses auspicious day and proper field to add up to mutual visit, one's life experience of appearance of fame of state of worth of household of understanding the other side, family, girl, a form of address for a man used by the senior members of his wife's family, whether be matched for marriage.

Close marriage
The course goes around and inquire each other, both sides presides over a wedding ceremony average per capita is consentient, pass again " character 8 post " . Both sides of male and female uses the booklet in accordion form with a slipcase of one red paper each, write on be born year, month, day, when, please " astral life home " measure see both sides of male and female " character 8 " , cry " close marriage " . Because the birth of everybody fors years, month, day, when 4 parts, every part is occupied dry, raise each one word, 4 parts add up to 8 words, make approve so " character 8 " . Astral life home says the men and women is belonged to twice must add up to ability to marry, lest gram of photograph of the husband and wife after marriage or cloggy home carry.
Next by " yin and yang " the gentleman is mixed according to the birthday character 8 of both sides of male and female belong to, draw up appraisal (be like " child with ugly and " wait for) , again basis " lucky day " marry date and avoid surely with choose of azimuth happy a god what is belonged to equal, write on booklet in accordion form with a slipcase of a red paper, cry " Long Feng post " . This is the marriage certificate of old times.

Put calm
Put marry namely surely. Former days has put small decide with enlarge surely. After the girl is engaged, customarily should change head dummy hairdo, past girl wears tail, do not plunge into plait root commonly, pass small calm, be about root of Za Shanggong plait. A few more exquisite family is put small time, the man should send woman headgear 4 sample: Ring or a pair; Bracelet child a pair; Dangler a pair; Necklace, gold, silver or silver cover with gold leaf character differ. Enlarge means both sides of male and female surely allied already became finality finally. At this moment, the man should send money the gift to the woman, the woman also is asked for publicly, sometimes bilateral argy-bargy, the concentration that becomes mercenary marriage is behaved.
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