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Chinese marriage common
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Southern " daughter wine " , the earliest account contains what what write for advance person a surname " southern wood shape " , say southern is delivered of a daughter ability is several years old, begin brew, lead toMarriage commonDrunken, pond of bury Yu Chi is bottom, wait for when the daughter gets married, just take out for guest drinkable. This kind of wine is promoted in carry on get acceding, development is become famous " high-grade Shaoxing wine " , its vinosity and general Shaoxing rice wine do not have notable difference, the jar that basically is outfit wine is distinctive, world of this kind of wine still is when soil is bad, with respect to all sorts of flowers design on vulture, character birds and beasts, landscape booth a pavilion or house on a terrace, when when the daughter gets married, take out wine world, ask artisian painter to be drawn with greasepaint " 100 play " , be like " eight saints go across the sea " , "Dragon Feng Chengxiang " , "Goddess in the moon approachs a month " etc, match with good fortune as one wishes, of perfect conjugal bliss " colour head " .
"Wedding feast " , often be bridal pronoun, buy wedding feast does marriage namely, go drinking wedding feast, go attending wedding namely.

ManchuWhen person marriage "Make a cup of wine" :

At nightfall, bridal chamber spends candle to shine together, after bridegroom uncovers next brainpan to the bride, should sit in bridal left, madam of get married get married is holding goblet in both hands, ask bridegroom close lightly first readily; Send close madam to holding goblet in both hands, ask bridal close lightly first readily; Next two madams exchange goblet, ask bridegroom bride again each close lightly readily. Manchu is holding bridal from beginning to end " Xie Qinxi " : In the ceremony box with the tailor-made park of one desk feast that will cooked, carrying by two people send the bride's side, do the favour of the acknowledgment of daughter-in-law daughter to oneself with expressing to foster a daughter to relatives by marriage. Additional, make one table even " banquet thanking intermediary " , use circle basket mount, carry by one person on send go-between the home, express to help sb to fulfill his wishes to go-between the affection of meddlesome gratitude.
Of the Daur nationality " wine of give a dinner for a visitor from afar " and " go out wine " : Send close person to arrive the bridegroom's or husband's family, bridegroom parents wants pour full wine of two handleless cup, to send a family member to respect " wine of give a dinner for a visitor from afar, this also cries " the handleless cup that take the door " , guest wants all drink to use up, already was a family in order to show. Thereafter, the bridegroom's or husband's family should place guest of 3 banquet fete. After wedding, woman home is far person live in one night in bridegroom more, morrow just goes, when sending a family member return, bridegroom parents Dou Gong awaits the inside other the door, xiang Guibin is respected one by one " go out wine " .
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