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Guangzhou wedding is consuetudinary
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From 20 centuries 80 time rise, guangzhou is arisen and new-style bridal, and accept as a souvenir of kinescope of will whole bridal process.

Before wedding, want building of marriage gauze shadow to take a picture marriage gauze first. Normally, bridegroom, bride can ask man of his unmarried friend keep sb company, a matron of honour and brother, sister ahead of schedule. Bridal that day, bride by a matron of honour or " sister " accompany the hairdressing center that agrees beforehand to do hair style, make up; And of bridegroom " brother " dress up festooned vehicle: Be hanged on the car or affix flower, lacy, pompon, of the car ahead stands tall and upright one male one female baby of 2 foreign cloth (show fashionable to use a pair of puppy) .

Arrive when auspicious, bridegroom is being gotten numerous " brother " receive a bride to bridal home. At that time, of the bride " sister " can strictly observe layer upon layer gate, do not let bridegroom receive a bride easily, and reach its with bridegroom " brother " labial gun have a verbal battle with, ask for " open the door benefit city and sororal benefit city " , take " benefit city " open a door, some returns the shoe that meets the bride since Tibet, till bridegroom " beg for mercy " , " admit defeat " just put a bride to go out. At this moment, numerous brother, sister just is clustering round livelily bridegroom, bride goes the bridegroom's or husband's family. When having, although bridal home leaves bridegroom home close to be in,very close, festooned vehicle also should circle a big ring to pass lucky road, macrobian road, boundless blessing grade designedly, 100 child the road, in order to had been taken " meaning head " . Subsequently, the bride is accompanied by bridegroom return a married woman's parents' home, common says " answer the door " . In marriage banquet, bridegroom, bride every banquet proposes a toast surely; The banquet finishs respect tea surely, guest criterion with " benefit city " give.

Whole and bridal process, some brides can change 2~3 to cover the dress, gauze of Western-style white marriage is worn when welcoming guest; A Chinese-style unlined garment of the banquet is medium traditional and gules skirt; The banquet finishs gorgeous cheongsam is changed when seeing a visitor out. The cookbook of marriage banquet also has very much exquisite, so first marriage, have surely " burn porket " this dish; Still have boiling water of red jujube lotus seed, take " be born early expensive child " meaning, have sweet Shang Tian cake, take the idea of newly-married sweetness. After marriage banquet, advocate the home still can be answered to guest give " benefit city " .