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The ethical newly-married banquet of all kinds of strange things
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Chicken is intermediary

Love of socialization of men and women of Home Dai youth, dai language is called " make an appointment with coquettish " . Local the Han nationality is called " string together a girl " . New Year of Dai all previous that day, home Dai can hear a voice that kill chicken everywhere in bamboo building, after chicken has been burned, see the girl is put on full-dress, take chicken to market to sell, the boy that awaits oneself to like will buy. Elated boy comes round to ask price in succession, if the girl says: "Ate to say again. " after eating want money doubly again, it is not to like. If the girl likes to buy the boy of chicken, the girl can hand

N is planted manner plays turn China gives birth to a darling actually not difficult
Go vacationing the romance that occupy place experiences the flood is wanton give a guideline

Boy a bench, let him sit to the side of oneself. At this moment, the boy says: "Our Home Dai has a common saying: ' have ability together sweet, carry together talent is small ' , come I two eat, chicken just is met sweeter. " the girl is right say: "Our Home Dai also has a common saying: ' unlock will have ability sweet, unlock come ability is agile ' , here person is garrulous miscellaneous, flat I two carry go eating in grove. Flat I two carry go eating in grove..

Corn is card

Miao Zu person is when day of auspicious of celestial bodies of choice marriage fine, southern parents goes to woman home to decide together with go-between certainly. Woman home fights a cock, after thoroughlying cook, both sides watchs corn jointly, this is formal and general hold in the late night. If double key point of chicken is full,shut completely, express auspicious; If corn is opening to be being shut only, think ominous. See corn, both sides begins to negotiate wedding day, order commonly in " midday day " or " child day " , miao Min thinks these two days are Dajidali's day.

With drink chicken wine

Live in Guizhou Province to knit golden hole beauty spot new Zhuang Cun's remote and a mountainous area seedling clansman is honest and tolerant and frank, laborious and simple, their amative means is to be in " bask in a moon " , jump associate with of the beautiful red-letter day, singing in antiphonal style, understanding in driving the collective activity such as the street. Talk about a marriage this day, man home asks a person to bring two bright red cocks to come to woman home, but these two chicken must be killed in public, drink of both sides of male and female lets fall after be being put in wine to mix with two blood, express hundred years to old; Heart-shaped, liver is not cut broken by unvarnished thoroughly cook eat below, express not to cease to be faithful forever; Gallinaceous intestines also is not cut off, connection shows one case after eating, never depart. When having these things, the old people that has enjoy high and command universal respect says a few auspicious words and figurative word, this stake issue calculates came down surely, this makes have gallinaceous alcoholic drink.
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