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Marry a bride to shed happy candy
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Impression is the deepest in one's childhood besides spend the New Year, namely marriage celebrate happy event. The marriage of birthplace is celebrated consuetudinary more special, passed a lot of years, those who forget is very much, those who stay in brain is not little also, taking the advantage of before be being forgotten completely, record just a little.
Before marrying, both sides exchanges character 8, see a someone, betrothal gift is the whole nation very much the same, also can say more without what. Spousal has a lot of new places however. Marry that day, bridegroom can be gone to before drive car in the morning commonly marry a bride, along with of travel still have two partner man, in birthplace, especially the word previously, the part that accompanies man is bad to act. Look in me, at least has 3 demands: Should grow masses of not let sb down, lose face to bridegroom not only otherwise, and still judged this village young man people happiness and future; 2 be cannot too make public, otherwise result Gao Gai advocate, end cans be imagined certainly; 3 should conduct oneself in society pliable, and capacity for liquor is absolutely cannot too poor. This more important at 3 o'clock, also most see strength. Because be told according to the old person, to enter bridal chamber with the bride, bridegroom is in that day is to cannot drink too much wine, although become day of great master,those who be troubled by is bridegroom bride, but major wine should rely on two partner man, make the other side active recall to the Demosthenic ability that relies on his then wine bowl still replaces bridegroom sea water, with respect to man viewing partner people eloquence and level.
Arrived in bridal home, also want buy to be fond of banquet commonly, this is in only with a lot of places the man is grandiose and wasteful different. the wine banquet dimensions that just will hold at man home relatively, want of course a bit a few tinier, and, because after all the custom that ancestor stays, formal should be in man home, also can compress on time so a lot of.
There also are a lot of rules actually in bridal home, but the marriage that had not referred to the woman as a result of me celebration, a lot of conditions are natural cannot witting, it is gossip only a few:
General meeting comes to betrothal gifts in man home, receive by the woman's cousins, traditional implements is very much, for instance burner, the winter hand that bake warms oneself use, this should mention the hearth in woman home to fall directly commonly, take out charcoal fire from inside kitchen chamber by mother-in-law next (need not be true charcoal fire, but must form) warm one helper, say very warm, pretty good, the word of and so on...
When the woman goes out from the home, must cry a few times so, mix in order to show to parental favor do not abandon, but the bride is general now ground of light up with pleasure goes, the be ashamed that connect charming also not remnant how many! Knowing is progress degenerative still.
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