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Miao Zu " kiss secretly " marriage common
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In the water of be in harmony of Guangxi Miao Jiayou cries one kind " kiss secretly " marriage common, below the circumstance that does not agree in woman father and mother namely, receive the bride secretly in night a bridegroom home get married. "Kiss secretly " it is Miao Zu youth strives for a kind of marital freedom, form that opposes system of feudal arranged marriage.

Men and women of Miao Zu youth is passed for many times " sit younger sister " , after singing in antiphonal style, bilateral understand one another, each other gives the gift that decide affection and decide all one's life to him illicit. If woman father and mother objects this marriage forcibly, they are forced to adopt " kiss secretly " method. Be in allegedly " kiss secretly " that day in the evening, the girl takes the thing that uses daily beforehand leave home the local Tibet of about half lis of road rises, it is next in the home when the man's arrival. About midnight time, if the girl's lover and the friend that be close friends arrive euqally as one used to do in woman home " sit younger sister " . Need not how long, the man says good-bye, the girl is being installed supple not glossal appearance sends elder brother to go out, go round goes to the thing that has hidden before coming out, the edge went to the man together. The younger sister young that oneself just discovers in woman home the following day already by the man " spirit away " .

The 3rd day, conference delegate room belongs to bridegroom one most the presbyterial belt of ceremony of sainted, knowledge knowing a book is worn " 3 wash a face to taste " (namely chicken, duck, egg) as the gift, go to woman home notifying to its parents, plead for mercy for sb, make an apology. If woman father and mother accepts next gifts, explain below this kind of circumstance they agreed basically already, that discusses to hold bridal job again; If reject to accept a gift if really, wedding also was held no longer, the marriage that they should undertake concerned to the government sector only registers formalities, when there was a child to answer a married woman's parents' home to visit relative after waiting for, again with heavier betrothal gifts to parental plead for mercy for sb be.

Allegedly: This kind " kiss secretly " marriage common long-standing. According to legend 300 years two ago, in Shanxi of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China the foot of mountain has a poor Miao Jiagu's woman to call bud to depend on, she and be called henry the poor young man of 9 loved each other, but object strongly what this marriage suffers woman father and mother. Extortionary girl marries the old person to what hill falls seedling bully establishs elder brother. The girl does not agree, he Hengjiu decides in the dark, in an in the still of night when, by henry 9 on the sly depend on bud receive go get married. After seedling bully establishs elder brother to be informed, taking a gang henchman to rush into henry the home of 9, killed bud to depend on He Hengjiu. Although this pair of young men and women were killed, but the spirit that they dare to oppose system of feudal arranged marriage, incentive however ten million is to Miao Zu young men and women later strive for lifelong happiness and make a stand against. Thenceforth rises, this kind " kiss secretly " marriage common handed down with respect to one dc.
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