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Marry recently popularity removes new custom
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Marry consuetudinary have change! The brick that kill the well builds is used before, was replaced by a red apple.

Day is to live in the daughter of the magnify woman near restful street to get married last week day, arrive be married downstairs in the future namely when the marriage car of bridegroom when new a form of address for one's wife, a lot of come the close friends that help rises suddenly busily, draw out red paper from the pocket in succession, put on all well lid with bridal downstair home. This ability discovers the dweller that watch the scene of bustle, a very important custom when marrying so -- red brick of Gai Yonggong paper pins the well, had been not finished. The family that thinking originally is magnify woman works forgot, can invite neighbour people what did not think of is, the person that all helping, besides take out red paper shop to be on well lid besides, still draw out an aglow apple, press on red paper. This falls to make the neighbour that watch the scene of bustle confused, "Is pressing red paper to must use red brick head, how to change an apple? How to change an apple??

A relatives and friends that attends wedding expresses, this is bridal compere requirement, "Dare not put nevertheless early, malic unlike brick, in case lost not good-looking. In case lost not good-looking..

"The homophonic means of this kind of practice is made the same score all the way (Ping) how. " the full-time organizer Wang Chuang that a marriage celebrates a company discloses, "It is a kind of custom that ability popularity rises recently. To it before put photograph of red brick head to compare, the apple is more good-looking, some more fashionable. " introduce according to him, before long try out lives this kind of way a few times before him, the result is right, "A lot of people still accept gone apple, say to be able to be denounced ' colour head ' . Say to be able to be denounced ' colour head ' ..

Wang Zunji of vice director of council of Beijing folk-custom major replaces the new folk custom of red brick head to also have his view to this kind of apple, "Changing is meddlesome, replace red brick with the apple, explain standard of living and life quality are rising. " he says, "A lot of people think folk-custom should be old stuff, must abide by, actually folk-custom just is a kind consuetudinary long inheritance, since such, so why cannot ourselves create new folk custom. So why cannot ourselves create new folk custom..