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Mongolia marriage common
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Mongolia is engaged give sb a present is much

If Mongolia boy settle on which girl, before be engaged, want to hold go-between in the palm to carrying the article such as harmony elephantine a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, sweet, exuberant white sugar, tea, glue, before with white towel is being wrapped, go matching, if the woman closes, marriage can undertake. Subsequently man parents and oneself should take gift of and so on of alcoholic drink of hada, milk, sugar to propose, want to undertake ability several times be engaged commonly. After the woman closes to order wedding, the man sends wine 3 times to the woman even, 3 times this like woman general wine receives next drop drinking entirely, this marriage comes down certainly. Should approach wedding day, the man should send a gift to the woman, it is to boil whole sheep commonly, still have wine, tea, hada. The woman is entertained enthusiasticly to giver, bilateral toast, buccal eulogy is lucky statement, singing in antiphonal style congratulates.

Bridegroom gets test of the neck that break a sheep

Gu Zuxin man of E Er much Si Meng and after greeting close team to reach bridal home, total meeting is regarded as by woman home distinguished guest enthusiasm is entertained, everybody eats to be drunk again again together sing again jump again, good not lively, at this moment, person of man express good wishes can leave banquet stealthily to getting bridegroom to come in bridal room. Wait for them to be in guest on after sitting down, accompany women to be able to carry an ovine neck that thoroughlied cook to entertain bridegroom, ask bridegroom ovine neck from which break, in order to try the effort size of bridegroom. To make fun of bridegroom, accompany women early insert rod of a Gong Liu or an iron stick ably into path of ovine neck marrow. Bridegroom if beforehand somebody gives directions, he is met get behind among them secret, take out willow rod or iron stick, break ovine neck easily. Some bridegroom are not known among them secret, consequently make much ado, do sweatingly, bite a tortoise like the dog same, anxious, abashed. And accompany women to take the chance to use very acrimony and acerbity, but not malicious language is satiric, mockingly bridegroom. Be laughed at all over the face aglow bridegroom, wish right now a hole in the ground that there is to be able to hide suddenly below sole.