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Common of marriage of Chinese ancient time
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Chinese ancient time does not get married without intermediary. Call go-between in ancient times " glacial person " or " big ice " . Hu Cemeng of fabulous Jin Dailing sees he establishs Yu Bing to go up, with glacial servent language. After waking, make divine by interpreting dreams person predict, divine by interpreting dreams person say: "Ice for this world, shade is below ice, thing of yin and yang also. The poem says: ' person if return wife, ice waiting till not Pan ' , marital thing also. Gentleman is in ice, with glacial servent language, for positive sign shade, agency work also. Gentleman should be intermediary, put Pan on the ice and marriage into. " later ages says to make intermediary be to the person then " make ice " .

After Chinese generation, marriage of every men and women, all need " parental life, the character of intermediary Shuo " . If " the life of prep before parents, the character of intermediary Shuo, get acupuncture point unoccupied place photograph to peep, look of even more fence from, criterion parental compatriots all of cheap " . And alleged " intermediary " , point to seek those who combine 2 last names justice; Shuo, point to consider of 2 surnames justice. Or call male say intermediary, female say Shuo. Go-between becomes the indispensable bagman in process of marriage of male and female then. Like folk song of an official conservatory in the Han Dynasty for collecting and composing folk songs and ballads " ancient poetry is Jiao Zhongqing wife make " : "Go-between of A Mu Bai, poor and lowly has this female, only then comfortable return a door. Only then comfortable return a door..

Arrived about Tang Dynasty, appeared to manage only again in civilian myth Hymen -- matchmaker. Occupy character of Tang Li answer " add Xuan Guailu is engaged inn " account: Force of firm of Tang Dynasty Wei the inn austral second Song Cheng, encounter an old person to lean on bursa to sit, finish check book to the month. Ask: "Place check He Shu? " the cloud: "Ear of marriage wooden tablets or slips for writing. " ask again: "In bursa why content? " the cloud: "Chi Shenger, with fastening a couple sufficient. Although region of enemy home different, the rope is, yi Bihao closes. " because of ask personal wife, know to sell dish Miao Yu Nv for inn north, ability is 3 years old, humble Yi Ru olds woman. Wei Nu, dispatch slave pricks, hurt eyebrow. Wei Yunu escapes avoid. Hind more than 10 years, wei joins the army photograph city, peaceful of king of feudal provincial or prefectural governor thinks can, wife with its female. Female Rong Li and the Chang Tie between eyebrow one beggar. Blame and ask, only then know female be pricked in former times therefore young female, county is defended stroke think personal daughter also. Heal because of photograph admire extremely, what give birth to a men and women all dignitary. Song Cheng slaughters Wen Zhi, inscribe its inn to say be engaged inn. Because later ages says intermediary is factitious again " matchmaker " , or abbreviation " the month is old " .
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