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The origin of head of bridal red lid
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In ancient time when  is bridal, the metropolis on bridal head is cheating a chic bright red silks and satins, be called red lid head, when this lid head should enter bridal chamber, open by bridegroom.

The earliest lid head makes an appointment with the neat generation that appears when the Northern and Southern Dynasties, at that time is the woman takes shelter from the wind keep out is cold use  covers merely only the top of head. Arrive the Tang Dynasty day is primary, evolve into a kind to wrap around from the beginning curtain cap of the shoulder, cover up a scandal of in order to. Open yuan of Tian Baonian according to fabulous Tang Chao, li Longji of Tang Ming emperor to do sth unconventional or unorthodox, break through old habit of purpose, instruction lady-in-waiting with " appear frontal collect " cover head, namely the woman builds a gauze to obscure again on curtain cap of Tang Chu denomination, as a kind of ornamental. Arrive from the later han dynasty yuan of face, lid head is not abandoned in civilian popularity, make the bride's indispensable festival decoration. To express festival, lid head of the bride chooses red.

Why does the bride want Meng Gai head, still concern with mythological fokelore.

Those who occupy busyness of Tang Chao plum " alone different annals " carry, fokelore is at the beginning of the universe when leaving, the world has female Wa sibling only 2 people. For multiply mankind, sibling two consultative, want to deserve to be husband and wife. But they feel bashful again. Then sibling two go up the summit, xiang Tian is devotional: "If the day agrees with my sibling 2 factitious husband and wife, let aerial polymerization of a few cloud cluster rises; If do not let, call them diffuse. " the word falls sound, those a few cloud cluster move nearly gradually, eventually polymerization is one. Then, female Wa gets married with elder brother. Female Wa for cover be ashamed colour, grass you a knot is fan with barrier its face. Fan and cover with a straw mat are unisonant. Cover with a straw mat person, build also. And with fan block face, knit as silk eventually content gentleness, handy, beautiful. Accordingly, hold fan block face is cheated by lid head gradually the head was replaced.

A lot of nations on the world in the fokelore about human origin, have the plot of sibling marriage, and useful leaf, hide or basketwork block face avoid the description of be ashamed. Head of lid of bridal Meng Gong just evolves by its those who come over.