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Bridal why " scatter wastepaper "
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Give sb a present

Press general and consuetudinary, attend marriage banquet to want to prepare a little gift, seal a bag with red paper or the double happiness word that print technically, put into proper congratulate case gift inside, economic condition of the guest and the far and near that concern with bridegroom, bride kiss basis of case gift amount scanty and calm, but had better want to take even numbers, contain 6 for " salary " , 8 for " hair " , 100 for " live to old age in conjugal bliss " meaning. >> > old Beijing is old-style and bridal 6 paces music (graph)


Attend wedding to want the guiding according to host or compere seating, if do not have a person to guide, can sit together with familiar relatives and friends, but should notice to sit not actively " new personality desk " or " parental desk " . Course is taken between banquet, eat feed should pay attention to courtesy.

Propose a toast

When bridegroom, bride respects wine express one's thanks to to each banquet, everybody stands up lift cup, with new personality first gently cheers, again " congratulation " . Do not want fuddle of a bridegroom, bride, do not want drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, want to dominate the time that new personality proposes a toast in every desk inside 3 minutes, end a spree in order to make them satisfactory, enter bridal chamber early. In the meantime, oneself are in feast, also do not want shout at the top of one's voice, should abstemious drink, lest drunk hind Munchausen is discourteous. >> > tradition and order of unconventional wedding toast

Scatter wastepaper

Marry on celebration, mirth wears people to scatter multicoloured wastepaper to the sky, scatter to bridegroom, bride, also scatter come ahead the guests of congratulate. Italy of traceable of this kind of custom. Mediaeval times, italian every joins bridal person, want to scatter a colourful and petty candy to new personality, beatific new personality lives happy life. Arrived 19 centuries, people scatter candied instead to scatter chromatic wastepaper.