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Lunar old fokelore and archaic marriage common
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The month often is in in the character that 國 civilian 間 is 曉 of 戶 of analogy of one Home 個 , his director writes marriage of world 間 men and women, be in dim in with men and women of 紅 繩 繫 sufficient, in order to decide marriage 緣 . One figure of 這 exceeds 現 to be in at first the small 說 collect of character of 復 of Tang Ren plum " 續 is black strange 錄 " " be engaged inn " in, small 說 advert: Du Ling 韋 originallies, little Gu, think of marry 婦 early, however, propose with all possible means and 終 無 place is become. Yuan with 2 years, river of past Qing Dynasty of 韋 solid 將 , brigade the inn austral city of second Wu Song, its match 為 having a settle or live in a strange place of 昉 of Pan of 馬 of clear river department female, period Wu Na inn on the west 見 of photograph of mouth of 門 of 龍 興 temple, 韋 originallies by at propose the heart is cut, midnight the ground that heads for 會 face namely, in that 裡, he encountered matchmaker:

Inclined month Shang Ming, the old person leans on cloth bursa, sit to go up at 階, to lunar 檢 書 . Of firm condition 覘 , not 識 its word, neither 蟲 seal the 勢 of 鬥 of 8 minutes of divisions, because 問 says,be not Buddhist 書 again: " 尋 of old father place person why 書 ? Solid suffers from 學 less, the word of world 間, from 謂 無 not 識 person. On the west 國 Buddhist word, can of 讀, only institute of this 書 eye was not seen, how? " old person laugh says: " 書 of 間 of this blame world, because why gentleman gets 見 ? " ... firm says: " like that Mr 則 why palm? " say: " the marriage 牘 ear of the world. " ... because of 問 : " in bursa why content? " say: " bare 繩 child ear, with 繫 husband and wife sufficient, reach its to be born, 則 潛 uses photograph 繫, the home of 雖 enemy 敵 , 貴 賤 懸 is lain between, skyline 從 eunuch, 鄉 of 吳 Hunan 異 , one 繫 of this 繩, 終 cannot avoid. Jun Zhi 腳 already 繫 at those, does he beg He Yi? " (article 據 " 記 of 廣 of peace and tranquility " (in 華 書 bureau, 2003) , later development is the same as. )

Cloth bursa leans below 這 個 Wu Yue, sit to go up at 階, the old person to lunar 檢 書 , it is after 來 is acted according to in civilian 間 為 the matchmaker of Hymen. 繩 of the 紅 in wanting him to use bag only the sufficient 繫 world 間 men and women is together, although " the home of enemy 敵 , 貴 賤 懸 is lain between, skyline 從 eunuch, 鄉 of 吳 Hunan 異 " , his 們 also 會 becomes 為 husband and wife.

術 of 藝 of 觀 of marriage 戀 determined by fate is changed

Matchmaker with 繫 of bare 繩 photograph, 確 decides 緣 of marriage of male and female, mirrorred the 觀 that Tang Ren decides before marriage 緣 to read aloud, it is one of watch 現 of 觀 of Tang Ren determined by fate. Tang Ren with 為 , life 運 of the person, not be oneself 確 is decided and can change 變 , " the thing of the world all before calm " (" feeling calm 錄 . Plum secrete " ) , " the person encounters all the life of 繫 " (" 紀 聞 . King " ) , " decide before human affairs is inherent " (" 續 decides life 錄 . 韓 spring " ) . Calm 觀 reads aloud before 這 種 of Tang Ren, 當 also expresses 現 to be in like that marriage 戀 respect, " the 親 of 結 縭, before the life originallies, decide, cannot Gou Qiu " (" 續 is black strange 錄 . 鄭 Guo Zhou Mrs. 騊 " ) , " the path of Kang 儷 , also 繫 old 緣 " (" 話 of jade hall 閒. Fill 園 嬰 female " ) .
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