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East the origin of bed fast husband
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Xi Shan and small hill island lie between water photograph to look, there is graveyard of a whacker on hill, there is unify stone tablet before the grave, submit a written statement to a higher authority: "The Eastern Jin dynasty too the grave of Wei Xi Jian " , fasten Wang Xi of big calligrapher of the Eastern Jin dynasty literary work.

Xi Jian is person of golden countryside county, the poor in the home when the teenager, connect a meal also be unable to get something to eat, but humanness is intelligent and academic, add the character virtue sex of his prominent personage, with Confucianism elegant famous home village or town. Big guy wants to let his grow into useful timber become famous, display grain to display money to aid financially him of one's own accord, then he reviews assiduously article practice martial arts, act vigorously is entered do not cease, before long with respect to a versatile person of civil and military. Arrived the Eastern Jin dynasty yuan Si Marui of the Supreme Being is become when the emperor, xi Jian is instructed to be Long Xiang's general to hold Yan state feudal provincial or prefectural governor concurrently. Ascend the throng of minister carry on rises him to be again later east ride imperatorial, superintend and director Xu, Yan, green 3 cities war. Salty and year, xi Jian acts according to aim to make the same score betray betray party, established extraordinary service, add again seal him to be too Wei. Guide besides king of civilian prime minister in the imperial court,

Xi Jian has a daughter, old 28, be born so that the person has a talented person, appearance has appearance look, xi Jian loves to be like a beloved daughter. The daughter has not marry, want to be female choose husband, so a knot in one's heart of a baby, can get the someone that should seek a be well-matched in social and economic status. Xi Jian feels prime minister Wang Dao and him friendly feelings are deep, it is an official with face again, hear his home children is very much, each beautiful of ability appearance all. After a day of levee, xi Jian told Wang Chengxiang the idea of him choose husband. Wang Chengxiang says: "Good ah, younger brother of my home lining is very much, arrive home by you li of random choose, every you are medium, no matter who be, I agree. " Xi Jian stewards with respect to life reliable agent, heavy ceremony reached Home Wang Chengxiang on the belt. Children of king government office hears Xi Taiwei sends a person to look for husband, dress up carefully one time come out to meet. Search will be looked for, one little one person. Chamberlain of king government office is getting chamberlain of a surname government office to come east in the study that crosses a courtyard, see lean east the kid that abdomen of a leave uncovered lies on his back, right too be related of Wei Mi husband, apathetic. Xi Fu stewards in returning your home, say to Xi Taiwei: "Young prince of Wang Fu more than 20 people, hear Xi Fu looks for husband, strive to be the first, only east there is a son of a feudal prince or high official on the bed, leave uncovered abdomen is lying as if nothing happened. " Xi Jian says: "What I should choose is such person, go, get me quickly to look! " Xi Jian comes to Wang Fu, see this person already open-minded cultured, good looking and talented, issued betrothal gift on the spot, choose is fast husband. "East bed fast husband " say even if such coming.
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