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The origin of banquet
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Banquet, ancient time also calls swallow to meet, it is with wine flesh one kind of xenial guest collects an activity.

Yao Shi generation holds according to legend one year 7 times to respect old Qu Li, everybody sits in the on the ground in low room, you one vessel, I one Ge, those who share dog meat is delicate, call " Yan Li " . This is a kind of banquet of our country primitive society.

Before Sui Tang, the ancients does not use a desk and chair. The rough stuff basketwork on the ground is spread to make feast first inside house, add a shop to make place lesserly in the norms on banquet (fines is made up) . When banquet drink, the seat is set on matting, food is put on the banquet before banquet, people on the ground sits drink.

Use a desk and chair later, banquet drink is lifted undertake on the desk by the ground, bright Qing Dynasty from time to tome " old fashioned square table for eight people " , " big round-table " , banquet form has been changed, banquet still is called by the edge however " banquet " , seat still the edge calls " chair " , banquet and feast become synonym