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Marriage etiquette and custom
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Ancient time is consuetudinary, the marriage of archaic Zhuhai is the character of intermediary Shuo, parental life. Countryside compasses civilian think about, man marriageable age 16 to 25 years old had better, otherwise " neither can arrange intercourse of yin and yang in order to protect too and " . Ancient marriage common divides a measure:

One accept is collected, man clique go-between is discussed to the woman close;

2 ask a name, the woman promises marriage, the man is farther ask name;

3 accept auspicious, namely the man knows woman full name, after birthday, the augur of division general, add up to the woman of male orientation that match to answer " the name " , it is the marriage that it is business;

4 accept are asked for, augur must notify the woman after auspicious, be engaged with money other people;

5 please period, hold the date of ceremony of move into one's husband's household upon marriage certainly namely, the woman is met after Ji Rixian is agreed by the man, the woman declines surely, such contact after 3 take second place, only then calm wedding day;

One's kin is greeted, have the groom move into one's house after the marriage that evening, man parents is set for the son " gradually old banquet " , sit in honour. The woman also fete, get together hall guest sings countryside song, those who call " song hall " , bright generation this common gradually change. Morrow husband will greet get together, woman fete is xenial, give new husband Xiaoxu money. Bright generation is married female go up an other people slave girl along with the person that marry 1 person, male child 1 person; In door the family slaves girl along with the person that marry 1 person, leave a family nobody are followed marry.

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