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Traditional marriage common " 3 books 6 ceremonies " meaning
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Chinese tradition has in marriage common " 3 books 6 ceremonies " . After all " 3 books " what book be? " 6 ceremonies " be what kind of formal?

3 books

" 3 books " it is to point to the document that exchanges in 6 ceremonies, include " letter of appointment " , " gift book " and " receive a book " .

" letter of appointment " order close book, conclude marriage restricts type of double Founder of male and female. Accept auspicious (over- civil calm) when with.
" gift book " Guo Lizhi book, namely gift detailed list, detailed state gift sort and amount. Accept is asked for (Guo Dali) when with.
" receive a book " the book that marries a bride. Marry that day (greet in person) when receiving bridal move into one's husband's household upon marriage, use.

6 ceremonies

" 6 ceremonies " it is to point to by propose the whole marriage to get married process. "6 ceremonies " namely 6 ceremonies law: " accept is collected " , " ask a name " , " accept auspicious " , " accept is asked for " , " please period " and " greet in person " .

Simple for, 6 ceremonies are 6 measure of traditional wedding:

" accept is collected " first of olden wedding, when woman of fix one's mind on, employ go-between is made seek, calling accept is collected, say today " talk about a marriage " . If the bride's side refuses, marriage won'ts do.
" ask a name " the full name of woman of man inquire about and birthday time, with Bo Jizhao, call ask a name, say today " add up to character 8 " or " clip character 8 " . It is the man writes character 8 of the time of a person's birth in common to say " Geng Tie " on the card, send the bride's side by go-between. In the meantime, go-between remands character 8 of the time of a person's birth the bridegroom's or husband's family, the eight Characters about one's birth of the time of a person's birth that allows both sides to see two people is suitable.
" accept auspicious " if belong to,ask a name auspicious, dispatch go-between is sent give Bao Li, calling accept auspicious, say today " over- civil calm " or " small calm " .
" accept is asked for " cake of case gift giving free, ceremony, gift and oblation, send betrothal gift formally namely, call accept ask forring, say today " Guo Dali " .
" please period " ask fortune-telling gentleman choose an auspicious day by the bridegroom's or husband's family, call please period, say again " beg day " , say today " choose an auspicious day " .
" greet in person " bridegroom takes ceremony car, go to the bride's side to receive a bride, those who call is close greet.

Archaic marriage process, differ a bit with present-day meaning. Contemporary marriage the process points to commonly marry what what hold that day is formal, 3 books the marriage of 6 ceremonies the process included from talk marriage, be engaged to marry the writ that waits for a process and formal. With contemporary likeness, whole and traditional marriage is consuetudinary and formal informed a relative of neighborhood, with obtaining a society approbate and ensure. Besides, traditional marriage is consuetudinary and formal make conjugal couple obtains ancestral deities approbate and assume fulfil the right obligation of pair of parents and relative. This is in reason ancient times is certain times, if not of male and female completes 3 books the process of 6 ceremonies, marriage is not admitted to be being married for bright door; Of marriage instrument division complete, what affect marriage directly is auspicious. Nevertheless, in different dynasty period, marriage common is formal also differ somewhat.
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