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The Chinese is troubled by the origin of bridal chamber
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Chinese traditional marriage with its formal grand with the elaborate of occasion have distinguishing feature quite. It wants a course to carry normally, be engaged, marry get married, be troubled by a room to wait " program " ; Frolic in bridal chamber when nocturnal many relatives and friends with newly-married among them after bride and bridegroom, new personality in pairs puts in bedroom 's charge to be one climax hand in hand. Old times, an a few good situation are created in this absurdity act, because happen in bridal chamber more, reason is called " make a room " , " be troubled by bridal chamber " , " be troubled by bridal chamber " ; As a result of this one consuetudinary it is main and droll object with the bride, friend says again " be troubled by a bride " , " make fun of a bride " , old times still is called " play Fu " .
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Make a room consuetudinary look be like simple, having long history and powerful force however. For the limits from the influence, it may be said pervades countrywide each district; From the point of the time of existence, almost perforative whole feudal society, until modern still popular.

Make a room consuetudinary only then at period of Han Daixian the Qin Dynasty, bridal and honest, solemn and respectful. Confucius is in " Ceng Zi of · of The Book of Rites asks " in when describing the espouse scene at that time, say: "Marry female home, 3 days do not cease candle, think of leave also; Marry the home that return, 3 days are not lifted happy, sai Siqin also. " mirrorred first the honest common practice of wedding of the Qin Dynasty, be troubled by without rip-roaring confused hold the appearance that handles greatly greatly. Enter Chinese later, socioeconomy had great progress, people satisfies inflexible and depressing old-style wedding no longer, no longer adherence " 3 days are not lifted happy " old saying, begin to be held greatly do greatly, make wedding cheats lay festival colour. Close person poplar amounts to in " common of funeral of Chinese generation marriage takes an examination of " the textual research in one book: "And do it guest person, often drink mirth, words and deeds does not have avoid, be like recent the person that the place that makes bridal chamber is, chinese when already had namely. " Yang brings Chinese end intermediate to grow all " Chang Yan " medium account: "Today the meeting of espouse, beat bastinado with superintend and director joking sweet wine with the interest passional, in Yu Anzhong of announce excessive comfort, show shameful secret at new a group of things with common features between, corrupt wind cunning common, unripe excessive grows evil, mo Cizhi very, cannot ceaseless also. " from which knowable, be troubled by a room to appear from its beginning, be regarded as abuse of a kind of undesirable customs.
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