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Do obeisance to the origin of heaven and earth
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On our country traditional wedding, bridegroom, bride should do obeisance to heaven and earth, do obeisance to heaven and earth namely, 2 do obeisance to a month old, 3 Bai Gaotang. Is this custom that does obeisance to heaven and earth when form?

When female Wa of according to legend makes a person, began to make a charming having a youthful appearance only, though this have a youthful look has eat have wear, easygoing, but alone one person, always feel very frowsty. Often groan so.
A day night, the moon is round, bright light is hanged solely in the sky, boy the sight strikes a chord in one's heart, more feeling is doleful, say to the moon: "Lunar old month is old you are fine listen, seek an intimate person to me, I get your feeling forever! " just said, the moon shines suddenly, the old person lean on a stick of long beard of a white eyebrow wears what walking stick of a bibcock comes to the boy before, say: "Have a youthful look does not want anxious, I look for a young assistant to you " . After saying, a cool breeze, long beard old person disappeared. The boy feels very feel puzzled. Spent a time, with respect to be good at beard old person is getting a girl to wave leisurely ground falls to the boy before, say to the boy: "I arrive over there female Wa, let her make a woman again, be gotten to you. You are known first, a little while I manage a wedding to you. " shine suddenly, the old person disappeared.
The boy sees bright red of girl face cheek, general like Chinese rose flower, be radiant with joy then; The girl sees boy eye is bright, honest and honest, also feel to hit it off perfectly. Two people 4 eye a pair, fall in love at first sight. Tongue-shy move says the boy: "Are you willing to live together with me? " the girl listened, a laugh flies on the face, the old person that long beard old person is getting two white hoar beards stands before boy and girl, pointing to two old people to say: "This is the ruler of heaven and land, you are the following life all cannot leave them. We manage a wedding to you now, above all, do obeisance to to the ruler of heaven that fosters you, land 3 do obeisance to, "Do obeisance to, 2 do obeisance to, 3 do obeisance to " . As the sound of propaganda to the enemy at the front line of matchmaker, boy and girl were done obeisance to to day, ground 3 do obeisance to. Subsequently, matchmaker is laughing to say: "I pull red line to you, you still must be done obeisance to to me do obeisance to. "Do obeisance to, 2 do obeisance to, 3 do obeisance to " . Boy and Gu Nian did obeisance to to matchmaker again 3 do obeisance to. Just did obeisance to, 3 old people disappeared completely.
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