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The origin of common of marriage of the Tatar nationality (achieve formerly)
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Distributinging area: Xinjiang the Tatar nationality basically lives be in boreal border and area of Na Jiang part.

Population: According to 2003 statistic, population of Xinjiang the Tatar nationality is 4900 person, 0.03% what occupy Xinjiang total population.

Language: Language of tower tower Er belongs to A Er Thai is Tujue Austronesian chest language raises gram general to just restrain signal group on the west. The Tatar nationality still has the character that is a foundation with Arabia letter.

The history: "Dadaer " appear the earliest in E Erhun epitaph of Xie Ni a place of strategic importance. Tang Dynasty is appurtenant at ministry of Er of tower of tower of country of northward Tujue sweat, say " until dawn " . After, tujue sweat country gradually hasten becomes feeble and die, tartar gradually powerful. 13 centuries are Mongolia in the Volga one belt builds nation of admire examine sweat. 15 centuries middle period, country of admire examine sweat becomes feeble and die, tartar builds nation of sweat of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting in the Volga middle reaches, be conquered by Russia after. Before country of sweat of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting is built, the person of the Mongolia examine that be the same as admire that the Tartar of its churchyard, Tujue turned, Baojiaer the person gets along, mix to develop and become the Tatar nationality. The Tatar nationality of Xinjiang is migrate from and other places of mulberry of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting, inclined Milieqi, fast in succession from 19 centuries come to what Xinjiang north settles.

Produce kind: Person of tower tower Er is given priority to with be in business on the history, also be engaged in agriculture, animal husbandry.

Food: The food sort of the Tatar nationality is more, staple food has " go buying on the west " (cake of the face that bake) , catch meal, crusty pancake, noodles served with soy sauce, pasty; Non-staple food has all sorts of vegetable. What be full of gust of the Tatar nationality among them is " by Gu Bai dust " and " Yi Tebai 裏 on the west " .

Culture: Person of tower tower Er can dance of song be apt to, like music, song " Jierla " get of each nation love.

Festival: The festival of person of tower tower Er basically has " the section that scatter a class " (colter section) , celebrate a festival this day people festively singing and dancing, become the grand meeting of person of tower tower Er.

Religion: Belief is Mohammedan.

Dress: Man of the Tatar nationality likes to wear embroider grey shirt, cover black vest. The woman likes to wear a dress, the head wears embroider bonnet, it is black or brunet bottom more, flowers design is very gorgeous.

Marriage common: Marriage of the Tatar nationality is a monogamy, past marriage is monopolized by parents mostly, love of freedom of young men and women marries now. Pressing a tradition to be used to wedding is to be in bridal home to hold. The bridegroom after marriage and bride should live in a period in the woman, want individually to wait for the ability after giving birth to a child to return man home.
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