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About 11 of the bride formal fokelore
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Why to allow bridegroom to be engaged with diamond does ring express this feeling to sweetheart not change?

-- this tradition only then at 15 centuries, austria is big at that time fair Maiximilun make next solemn pledge of loves in order to plunge drop to the Marie of cypress root ground. His trusted follower is big gigantic factum: "Highness, when be engaged, you must send to embed the ring that has diamond. " character of accept of Mai Xi Mi Lun. This ceremony circulates from now on up to now, already of century of know exactly about sth long.
   Why should the bride wear a glove?

-- when mediaeval century, accurate bridegroom puts forward the keepsake that the person that symbolize loves, in order to stabilize the heart of sweetheart. A lot of gent send a glove to express to propose to the person oen is in love with at that time. If the other side is in on Sunday when cathedral,that assistant covers Dai Zhu, state she already promised his courtship.
   Why is diamond engaged on the ring finger that ring wants to wear leftward?

-- the ancients thinks the blood-vessel of left hand ring finger leads to a heart directly. The bridegroom of mediaeval century is marriage give up by turns on 3 finger of the bride, in order to symbolize the Father, the Son of God and comforter are Trinitarian, cover ring on ring finger finally. Then left-hand ring finger fastens national convention to wear the finger of marriage give up as all English.
   Why is what is diamond regarded as love highest and indicative?

-- heat energy and pressure accumulate Yo gives a diamond of a crystallization. Diamond is what the mankind knows the matter with highest hardness at present. In ancient time, people does not have the tool of cut diamond and technology. Diamond becomes eternity naturally accordingly not of the love of change indicative. And the heat energy of diamond of be pregnant with is representing passionate love.
   Why does the bride want veil?

-- original, bridal veil is indicative youth and chasteness. One's early years, the bride of Christian or wearing white veil, in order to state Qing Chunhe is joyful; Or the veil that wears blue, be like emperor in order to show the chasteness of female Maria. Allegedly, in those days the Hua Lesi of · of granddaughter Ni Li of Martha · Washington is wrapping around uniquely when marry white scarf, lift blast still. This namely the consuetudinary origin that the bride wears flour gauze today. In those days after the fiance of Martha sees she stands in real silk curtain, jing is day person, praise greatly. This gave her to wear the inspiration of white gauze when wedding.
   Why does the bride wear white ceremonial robe or dress?

-- begin from Roman times, symbolic move celebrates joyously white. Arrived 1850 between 1900, white also is symbolize richly. Arrived at the beginning of this century, white representing's pure meaning passes with respect to Yuan Chao other.
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