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Traditional wedding sets the reason of tea
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Apply in conclude marriage, absorb tea or tea culture to serve as formal one part. Actually, the dip ooze of tea culture or absorb wedding in, be the established by usage that drinks tea with our country and the formal look connection that entertain a guest with tea.

Male marry female when marrying, the man should exchange the woman with regular betrothal gifts or buy.

Because marital work closes lifetime happiness of the men and women, so, for the parents with most men and women, although betrothal gifts has fair economic value, but the lucky other people that take seriously more and more returning is blessing of those disappear calamity 祐. Tea is in the betrothal gifts of our country every nationality, having special sense. This, ying of bright person man is in " 7 repair kind of draft " in, have a paragraph of such specifications: "Kind below tea child, cannot transplant, transplanting is not resurgent also, reason woman suffers hire, those who call take tea.

Hire the person that it is a ceremony with tea again, see its from one justice. " look from literal, seem tells tea only the meaning in wedding, with tea include conclude marriage betrothal gifts to have nothing to do. Actually, want to be analysed slightly only, still can manage give tea to be in marriage is formal of process of medium a development.

" 7 repair kind of draft " it is a work between Ming Daijia pacify, Long Qingnian, can see the tea with medium at that time betrothal gifts from which, already blame resembling rice, wine is same, just regard a kind of daily articles for daily use as row choosing, gifted however in feudal marriage " from one " meaning, what serve as whole wedding or betrothal gifts thereby is indicative and existed. This that is to say, tea is in the wedding of our country ancient time, had experienced daily life " general gift " with what represent whole wedding, betrothal gifts " main present " two such phase. Serve as the row of articles for daily use to choose, be like " the Wen Jian that seal a family name writes down " be carried: The ancients also drinks tea, "But be inferior to today of person be addicted to very, poor day uses up night, common of almost become a common practice " , roughly the Tang Dynasty metaphase that at latest won't become a book at this book behindhand. As to as principal betrothal gifts, common says " the woman suffers hire " , those who call " take tea " , this is the thing after Song Yi likely extremely. Because, according to delve, in the bridal article before Tang Dynasty, have report male honour the thing of female low, but without requirement woman " from one and eventually " gift.
Song Ji is our country a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties or moralistic the most flourishing period. Yuan face is gubernatorial also praise highly a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties is " the country is " , advertise " put providential, destroy person desire " , so, requirement woman marries a husband, " from one and eventually " moral view, won't be Song Chao previously, probable it is the Southern Song Dynasty is mixed yuan of face this phase, by moralist people advocate those who come out. Our country ancient time is planted tea, like Liu Yu " tea classics " be said: "Fan Yi and disloyal, establish and rarely luxuriant " , because accept the restriction of level of science and technology at that time, think tea tree is unfavorable commonly transplant, reason uses tea seed to sow tea continuously mostly.
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