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The origin of marriage gauze
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Marriage gauze is spousal and woman of marriage banquet stylish wear bridal dress, marriage gauze but the dress fittings that sheet points to to be worn on the body, also can include the head gauze, share that boosts a flower. The 顏 of marriage gauze is lubricious, design inspect each element, comprise culture, religion and fashionable dress tide. Marriage gauze comes from the west, have the A Chinese-style unlined garment of skirt of Chinese style tradition that fastens Wu Yigong color to give priority to.

French way is easy 1499 the knot wedding of the bride on the 12 wedding of the Annie with Buliedani is taken, it is the marriage gauze that has document account for the first time. Traditional marriage gauze is white commonly, the convention that 採 uses white but date from comes 1840, the wedding of British Victoria empress. Empress is worn at that time write white marriage gauze, pull end to be as long as 18 呎 , official photograph is published extensively, many brides hope to wear write similar marriage gauze, this tradition circulates all the time up to now, and the elephantine a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale that pulls the length of end to also new personality is full of, the formal attire when acting 1980 England wears Princess An Na to marry has 480 呎 about.

It is before Victoria times, marriage gauze can be all sorts of dividing black (express to mourn) or gules (with meretricious about even) the 顏 beyond is lubricious, the chasteness of heart of delegate of white marriage gauze and those who resemble child child is fancy-free, later period evolves into those who be Tong Zhen to resemble a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale. After the the First World War acting 1920, the change of female social class, also make the style of marriage gauze old different once upon a time, and the marriage gauze that has short skirt design appears. Because,took the place of 1940 the cause of the Second World War, the 製 of marriage gauze is made obtain not easy, because of the marriage of this bride formal attire turns for simple and simple, or be lend off-the-peg marriage gauze to relatives and friends, a lot of mothers also can regard his marriage gauze as cherished tradition, the daughter that lets oneself puts on her to marry when marry the marriage gauze at that time.

Western new personality is opposite east of marriage gauze evade different, be in the United States, marry bridegroom is the marriage gauze pattern that cannot see the woman before celebration, when choosing marriage gauze so, the woman is met more and go to before sister or female friend choose, also illuminate because of the marriage of new personality of this United States, it is what bridal spot films more.

In Oriental society, relatively evade without this, the marriage gauze company of 臺 bay and Hong Kong besides offer formal attire to rent besides, outspread still an industry of marriage gauze photography, provide exclusive studio, cameraman and bridal and relevant service, side new personality films marriage gauze is illuminated, design book with Xie Ka, put in bridal spot to break up for guest, take read.
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