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The woman matchmaker of Chinese ancient time is in the position in marriage
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Woman matchmaker
Go-between has important place in marital system of China, mencius " parental life, the character of intermediary Shuo " (1) is put in coequal and significant position. The natural economy configuration of the feudal society makes the labor of people, education, recreation confine is in the family, "The acoustical photograph of gallinaceous dog is heard, civilian to the never in contact with each other " , accordingly mutual between it is diaphragmatic very, also make each other do not know parents there is some of what person in home of the other side. Accordingly, although the children in him home is grown already,grow up, do not know which need to marry however female marry daughter-in-law. The undemonstrative mentality that feudal custom created people to go up in courtship problem, dictum of conceivable spouse underground became one of main features of feudal society custom, speak bluntly asks be equal to benighted, entrust him (she) the main show form of the law that of person Qu Daoqiu is feudal times courtship, have a go-between from which mediate is had better not pass.

About go-between evolve history, " Chinese marriage history " think " the quality that intermediary Shuo has between two parties person, have at once in age of marriage of buying and selling; Marriage of almost buying and selling evolves and marry to hire marriage, buy wife sell female between two parties person to Yi Yan changes and be intermediary Shuo, embarrass in order to combine a last name then, bilk intermediary come-and-go, in order to spread marital word also, or it is namely ' make ' . " (2) " The Book of Songs " have " take wife how, bandit intermediary is not gotten " (3) can see go-between is in early period of the Western Zhou Dynasty becomes fundamental condition of marriage. From " gift gift · person bridal " in of the regulation get married program in light of 6 ceremonies, from adopt, ask name, accept auspicious, accept is asked for please period, bridal, without that annulus the section can leave go-between. (4) " then men and women with travel intermediary only then know its name, also do not hand in without intermediary; The man is not gotten without intermediary wife, the woman does not have intermediary old and do not marry " (5) . " Tang Lv is scanty discuss " in also have " have an intermediary surely for the law of marriage " the statutory requirement that marriage wants an intermediary to become marriage.

Not only such, intermediary Shuo system still is the main component that the ceremony makes: "Lu Huan is met at a surname, get married Yu Qi, do not become its marriage oneself by agency, historian demotes with incivility then " (6) , get married need not go-between actually by later generations with violating ceremony law mock demotes; " pipe " in also have " from intermediary female, ugly and without the letter " visible, get married to already rose to the height of ethical morality with intermediary, accord with ethical ethic with intermediary, need not violate ethical ethics for intermediary oneself, should be despised.
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