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Marriage Qing Li is taken can wear on wedding, also can wearing ability at ordin
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As " 51 " the perfect pause below golden week picture, gold holiday marries temporarily nominal also fade heats up upsurge. Review the marriage first half of the year to celebrate consumptive market, face the numerous businessman of be eager for doing sth, consumer shows the consumptive trend of the consumptive concept that gives reason to change and individuation apparently, marriage the direction that celebrates consumption to maturing toward is outspread. "One-time consumption " suffer desolate   to marry to lay a major issue as the person, a lot of new personality for Hengjiu accept as a souvenir, spend money like water on bridal goods clothing, and because the style concerns,heavy gold buys the goods such as shoe of the formal attire that answer, ceremony, after bridal end can lay aside and neglect. One-time consumption brought enormous waste. More and more youths are nowadays when formal attire of choose and buy, will practical row attachs most importance to the content of bit of consideration. The reporter sees inside the shop of ceremonial robe or dress of style of Chinese and Western in many large market of Beijing, formal attire is designing the give attention to two or morethings on design practical with popular element, on color liberal also at onefold red, personalized colour shows the new scene that formal attire designs everywhere. The member that a shop is sold says, present formal attire not only can wear on wedding, wear at ordinary times also be no problem. The violent wind of practical demand raises ceremonial robe or dress, adumbrative marriage celebrates the market " one-time consumption period " terminative. Express to this expert, generator can link effective demand adequately on the design, will widen effectively marriage celebrate things market, bring more considerable economic benefits. (