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Marriage celebrate an industry to lend force Internet in succession now
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Building of marriage gauze shadow: Internet of have the aid of is tendentious valence draws nonlocal customer than the advantage

"We chose formula of scene of a lake, whole lubricious harmonic model is tie-in and good, and want 449 yuan only, of pretty be to one's profit, in Shanghai the marriage gauze photography of this class wants 10 thousand yuan at least. " Shanghai person of 28 years old hurries to Hangzhou Xiaogao and cummer are small pieces from Shanghai, the formula of photography of gauze of a marriage that they took a fancy to building of Hangzhou lily shadow on the net.

In recent years, the foreigner that goes to Hangzhou patting marriage gauze to illuminate is increasing. Because charge of marriage gauze photography is not small, some youths are compared one time through the network beforehand, chose sexual price to compare top Hangzhou shadow floor finally. As the comprehensive arrival of Internet times, originally the marriage that more relies on door inn to sell celebrates an industry, come in the competition that also joins network sale in succession.

"2006 metaphase, our company sells a ministry into set net sth resembling a net, we are the shadow floors that Hangzhou establishs a network the first times to sell a ministry, in home the likelihood also is the earliest. " Hangzhou beautiful beautiful marriage gauze photographs plum the director says, sell a ministry to just try as a kind into set net sth resembling a net at first, allow the medium of communication that the client knows news many times, but the network that half an year comes to more sells a state, let a company lead a layer to feel accident. "We became client of hundreds of pairs of networks probably 2006, this scale is occupied in the sale of whole picture building bigger than calculating, but ascendant trend is very clear, the near future they marriage of China of have the aid of celebrates net Www.xinmarry.com this marriage celebrates industry communication platform, celebrated a net to undertake conduct propaganda in countrywide each district through Chinese marriage one, and fare is quite low, a year collect fees just 100 yuan, can saying is 0 investment, overall profit, at the beginning the auxiliary method that we locate network sale at the door inn is sold, look now, cannot cross this pattern a few years to be able to have change. Cannot cross this pattern a few years to be able to have change..

Afterwards beautiful after beautiful marriage gauze photographs, immediately of building of Hangzhou lily shadow established special network to sell a ministry. "We take network sale seriously not quite previously, after all shadow building gives priority to body with door inn all the time, but in recent years, the sale strategy of our company puts the network to a significant position. " the guest has an in part is foreigner, especially Shanghai person is particularly much. Be in Shanghai, gauze of shadow building marriage is in more according to price 10 thousand - 20 thousand yuan between, the price of Hangzhou shadow building is in 3000 yuan more - 6000 yuan, pass network contrast, person of a lot of Shanghai feels or come to Hangzhou to take a picture be to one's profit.
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