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Whole body of bride of bridegroom of wedding of Japanese popular nude is bare
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According to Russia media coverage, recently " naked wedding " begin popularity in Japan stealthily, bridegroom and bride do not wear knot wedding to take on wedding and the whole body is bare.

Before wedding, new people must discuss clear and bridal outfit case on invitation card, if need, return conference telephone call to be informed again. Bridal hall prepared change clothes technically for guest, convenient guests change and store clothings.

Be in " naked " on wedding, it is to new personality must bare those who appear, the visitor that enter can choose to wear or be not worn freely, enthusiastic emcee also does not wear the dress commonly, bilateral parental idea tradition is heavier, also won't make this kind of breathtaking move.

Compare with traditional bridal photograph, without what the program of bare body wedding is special. Guest people according to whether to dress arrangement be partinged sits in different area, choosing what interpret does not wear the dress also is the youth of thought avant-courier mostly. During wedding, enthusiastic emcee can encourage the person of dress clothes to take off next dresses to sit to the chair of bare guest again and again.