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Marriage of the city that stroke a city celebrates an industry sadly arisen
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According to stroking statistic of city citizen political situation, this year 1, in September, shared 25373 pairs of new personality to undertake marriage register, and annual the marital population that register is measured with 20. The rate of 32 % rises. As marry the grow in quantity of population, and the modern pursuit to bridal quality and grade, ecbolic give a new industry: Industry of marriage Qing Liyi.

22 days morning 9 when, the city that stroke a city held first marriage to celebrate conference of industry height forum, this mark is worn " marriage Qing Liyi " this burgeoning industry will move toward mature standard gradually in the city that stroke a city.

"Before 2006, stroke a city to still celebrate a company without a marriage. " a marriage celebrates the urban district those who serve limited company make a manager tell a reporter, stroke state city at present only two normal marriage celebrate a company, this company is among them, held water in March 2006. Make a manager say, in big city, marriage those who celebrate an industry run already very mature, gain is very sizable also, marriage celebrate an industry to regard a burgeoning culture as the industry, in people pursuit individual character and fashionable tide, was full of business chance, see when him so when stroking a city to return normal without marriage to celebrate a company, was determined to join marriage Qing Liyi with copartner immediately course of study.

As we have learned, marriage the scope of operations that celebrates an industry is very extensive, have marriage celebrate a plan, photograph make up like gauze of photography, marriage, marriage car, among them with marriage celebrate a plan to give priority to. Make a manager say, want to had engineered a wedding, need more than 10 the individual's joint effortses, have emcee, still spot superintend and director guides, and need the time of half month prepare, undertake communication with new personality ceaselessly, get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, it is not easy to undertake a wedding is engineered so, the price is not cheap also.

Marriage the develops pace and people idea idea that celebrates an industry has very big concern. Make a manager tell a reporter, after his marriage celebrates a company to hold water, one only business did not receive before 3 months, because be in the traditional idea of people, did not marry to ask the emcee, idea that plays words or act meant to amuse or to excite laughter even, great majority person thinks to marry even if drink wedding feast. As the development of the times, people just realizes gradually marriage the value that celebrate, especially the youth begins to accept it. Although collect fees disadvantageous appropriate, but many youths feel bridal all one's life once, be willing to keep the memory with the best the next. Every this company month can receive 45 only businesses now, touch on the golden week, the business is more prosperous, "11 " between long holiday, the company undertook nearly 20 wedding are engineered in all. Current, this company had had bridal plan for 226 people.
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