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Shi Hualuo world is strange march marriage celebrate headgear market
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Shi Hualuo world is strange march marriage celebrate headgear market

Each gem brand begins to prepare for war to will sell busy season in May, roll out in succession taste newly, some hitting marriage celebrate a card, some is nodded to sell with mother's day. In fact, the jewelry industry April has begun " hot " rose.

" daily economy news " from Shihualuo the world surprises yesterday know, this company will roll out bridal series headgear formally this year in May. This series includes headgear and household to act the role of article, accumulate the essential element that contained wedding, with fairy tale medium princess makes a subject, apply indicative chasteness, eternity and beautiful flower, figurative love faithful not change.

Shi Hualuo world is strange march marriage celebrate headgear market

Braid with crystal leaf tonal soft weak bridal head coronal, put on fairy tale colour and romantic poetic flavour for wedding, still much money catenary, breastpin waits. Have crystal cuff-link and stickpin for what bridegroom designs, in addition, household acts the role of the much money that tastes series to design, can serve as precious and the knot that try to be unique is bridal article.

Shi Hualuo world surprises to express about the personage, roll out this year marriage celebrate headgear series, because get,also be last year marriage the influence that celebrates headgear sell like hot cakes. The marriage that last year is China celebrates good year, marriage celebrate headgear market a flourishing, the stylist acumen land that uses world of China the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to surprise felt marriage the infinite business chance that celebrates headgear market, and there is the jewelry that designs technically for wedding rarely on present gem market. From this, shi Hualuo world is strange roll out bridal series, have the design that try to be unique in the light of bridegroom, bride and a matron of honour.

Shi Hualuo world is strange march marriage celebrate headgear market

Buddhist Ke Yabao rolls out mother's day to be tasted newly

Ke Yabao of Buddhist of brand of top class gem will be France the mother's day May is rolled out a series of taste newly. This series gem is creation inspiration with nature, series of the series of Frivole Pave gem that has brand-new Magic and Lucky Alhambra series, fine sign appealing to a flower, Hua Lianzhu treasure and butterfly refine drop series.

The curve rolling a margin with Magic Alhambra aureate series is just as an urine drop, around enchasing meticulous natural mother-of-pearl shellfish, dash forward show its grace and enervated.
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