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Holiday adjusts: Influence citizen go on a journey marries plan
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Although be by last year,general office of the State Council had been announced this year the furlough program of each festivals. But a lot of citizens notice only " 51 " holiday shortens, mid-autumn, the policy that the traditional festival such as Pure Brightness can have a holiday, have a holiday without what notice the National Day however time also has corresponding adjustment.

As we have learned, golden week holiday is National Day to will come on September 29 this year on October 5, by a definite date 7 days. Golden week of National Day of in former years from October 1 of ~7 day have a holiday the regulation already executed 10 years, a lot of citizens according to before habit, plan the golden week ahead of schedule all sorts of " program " , this also makes this year after the adjustment of National Day holiday, let many citizens unaware. (princess of our newspaper reporter)

Travel agent: Long term how to swim to adjust?

"Am then I a few days ask for leave to the unit again even? " the adjustment of time of vacation of National Day golden week, let what had decided travel going abroad is in early before a many month justice black Mr Ni is very passive. He tells a reporter, because " 51 " holiday shortened, so his early has thought, want to use travel of National Day golden week going abroad. He originally the journey is evening will set out by air from Shanghai on September 30, will return justice black on October 6. Holiday was adjusted now, he still needs to ask for leave again to the unit a few days.

The staff member of travel agent also expresses when be contacted with Mr Ni, as a result of beforehand their staff member did not notice this year the adjustment of National Day holiday, so according to before the convention decided such journey. At present they also are being coordinated with all possible means, the hope can shift to an earlier date the journey, do not affect what agree beforehand to give a plan.

On September 4, travel agent of much home of urban district of reporter Cong Jinhua understands, because National Day holiday shifts to an earlier date, because do not know,a lot of citizens are probably, the inertial thinking that perhaps comes for years, will give a time to be in surely on October 1.

Have a holiday in the light of National Day golden week the adjustment of time, travel agent respect says, overall will tell, the ring of short line You Ying that this adjustment is opposite 34 days is not big, suffer an effect more apparent is long term swim.

The reporter understands, each are at present big travel agent is in the part long term swim the time sending a group of circuit undertakes be adjustmented accordingly. According to travel agent introduction, those who make time adjust basically is those who resemble and other places of Beijing, Yunnan is long term, hair is for instance round on October 1, will return on October 7, hair is round on October 2, will return on October 6. Current, travel agent is coordinated airline ticket and accommodation in connection with respect to these popular and long term airliners in.
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