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Whether should be festival dealt with mid-autumn marry the topic that register b
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Some netizens think, since the Mid-autumn Festival has become hair legal holiday, the staff member of the service department does not have very necessary reason, also should enjoy off right. The country includes legal holiday the Mid-autumn Festival, it is the affirmation of pair of traditional culture, and as the citizen, comply with regulation has a holiday, also be the hungry support of pair of traditional culture. Can choose to marry in a year the time that register is very much, people should not is opposite this too dispute. Wait for the civil administration branch of domestic major city like Changsha, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanchang, state holiday of the Mid-autumn Festival is not dealt with publicly already marry register.

Meeting general affairs is in body of citizen political situation to express about chief, at present they did not receive ranking announcement to ask day works overtime mid-autumn conduction marriage registers business, accordingly, they also do not ask marriage of each county, city, area registers a branch to work overtime, each district marriage registers a branch to whether work overtime, this in marry the business that register, can arrange according to actual condition proper motion.

Controller of registry office of marriage of bureau of civil administration of Wu the city zone expresses, if did not receive ranking announcement to ask to work overtime, they have a holiday the holiday that sets by the country. Controller of registry office of marriage of Jin Dong area expresses, day of short duration does not have overwork plan mid-autumn.