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Love contract
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Look below this story, a real love story, probably you can be touched.

The marriage that elegant charm looks at him to draft with one's own hands contract forced smile, the name that signed oneself handed child a small room. Child Xuan Hao signs a name forthwith, among them one handed elegant charm, respecting: "Two week hind hold wedding! " face about goes to the side of the door: "Elegant charm, this two last week may very busy, you should notice the body and child more. You should notice the body and child more..

Elegant charm stays to sitting slow-wittedly, stretch one's hand touching even still alvine. Feeling waves far: Before a week, she is informed from inside friend mouth, disappeared the long boy friend of a month married! And she is wanting how to tell him him is pregnant!

Child the boss that a small room is elegant charm. Elegant charm is in after be informed oneself to be abandoned by callosity, instantly Xiang Zixuan resigns. Child a small room understands elegant charm, her pregnancy reacts he looks in the eye, the lose of elegant charm child Xuan Fang is in the heart. When elegant charm resigns then he is opposite lightly elegant charm says: "Elegant charm, my as it happens needs a wife, you know my parents is exceedingly anxious, " he carries hand stanch elegant charm does not let her talk: "I know you want to leave this city to rear the child independently, draft our marriage as you contract, by a definite date two years, you can take the child to leave after two years, I also have reason to face my parents. " the male friend that elegant charm recalls negative heart, want to cannot let the child do not have renown portion, fishily agreed with her face.

Can think of without the person elegant charm can marry so quickly. The mom of elegant charm says afraidly: "Charm, your not worthwhile such ah, you this is to taking happiness to joke, in him put an end to ah! " elegant charm laughed slightly: "Mom, you are at ease, I won't step myself, I am very clear what are oneself doing! " her manner is determined, elegant charm mom is feeling the head of elegant charm to say: "Charm, mom did not forget when subdueing! " elegant charm is low head half of the day, just nod.

On wedding, elegant charm beauty gets breathtaking: Her pink face is contained spring, labial horn hold in mouth or eyes laughs. She is in same heroic spirit is threatening child say gently by the side of Xuan Er: "Child a small room, you are at ease, from now on my joint performance is good of each play. " child the Xuan Shen's deep bride that looking at beauty, handhold closely the hand of elegant charm, she takes for company to guest among. What they hear is praise and bless: "It is Jin Tongyu really female, heaven-made union. Wish you hoary head arrives old, be born early expensive child? " child the parents of a small room special like elegant musical sound, send elegant charm one glittering and translucent to opening system halcyon bracelet.

After marriage, elegant charm He Zixuan gets along harmonious. Child a small room all along not affront elegant charm, come home on wheeler of every the world, he always fills in freezer completely with the fruit, prepare food to cook for elegant charm Bao soup, elegant charm of the for company after the meal takes a walk. Elegant charm is looked at silently child a small room is doing all these, but what does she never say. She just arrives silently child the study that a small room sleeps, the room that handle a small room gets very in disorder is cleared away orderly, poured full ashtray, clean clean.
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