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Protect award of government of the marriage on water of culture bequest new pers
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To protect immaterial culture bequest and the dilemma that solve succeed lack person, the traditional folk art such as the marriage on sanded cropland folk song, water will walk into area of gate of Zhuhai a unit of dry measure for grain in small classroom, the newlywed person that takes means of the marriage on water to marry will win governmental award.

The marriage on water circulates up to now

Custom of the marriage on Doumen water forms Yu Qingchu, mature Yu Qing takes the place of to treat Guang Xunian together, result from of get married of 疍 family singing in antiphonal style formal. Its be in harmony was met the element of culture of vast seat of government and the Hakkas culture, in equipment marriage banquet, receive friend of song of bride, Bai Gaotang, meeting to wait for a few link to go up, it is vehicle with the boat, come with the song the process of activity of perforative and whole marriage.

This kind of traditional marriage is consuetudinary continue up to now, the Yuan Shatian of the city such as door of Zhuhai, Zhongshan, river, Fosan area resident still somebody advocates this kind of traditional consuetudinary espouse. A few acting people in the other people such as root of Doumen dweller Liang Fucheng, old look follow the wedding of the marriage on water.

Bureau of Doumen area culture expresses about chief, the marriage on Doumen water and sanded cropland folk song have close tie, heavy and complicated of its marriage process form is diversiform, exquisite and formal, having the formal article of fixedder program and established by usage, and each ceremony is representing certain import.

The marriage on Doumen water is consuetudinary enter national stage directory of immaterial culture bequest, become Zhuhai city the breakthrough of 0. As we have learned, doumen district government arranged specialized funds and work out, still established blame involuntary discharge of urine to protect a center, go up to water especially marriage this priority discipline, offerred a plan 5 years.

Yesterday, when school of Shen Jun of curator of house of Doumen area culture accepts a reporter to interview, express, according to 5 years of plans that Doumen area offers, to accede better and protect heritage of this one immaterial culture, encourage young to use the wedding on water, the plan rises to execute governmental award to wait for measure to taking the bridal newlywed person on water from next year.

  Folk song folk-custom trains inheritance person into classroom

Early of Shen Jun school begins to study the custom of the marriage on water. According to his investigation, have can complete control a complete set of of the marriage on water is formal, can do the person that has done this one bridal form can be counted on one's fingers, and most year of work is expensive already.
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