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Building of marriage gauze shadow greets busy season
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Building of marriage gauze shadow greets busy season "Consume without later period " into promotion heat

Report from our correspondent (reporter Fang Linghang) as mid-autumn, National Day " two " draw near, store of photography of each marriage gauze exhibits the urban district each way, taste in order to give a gift in succession, sell at a discount and pay attention to exterior to choose to wait will attract a customer, among them " consume without later period " become heat of one big promotion.

Marrying is life important matter, marriage gauze is illuminated is commemorate lastingly among them. But when new people is full of happy ground to walk into shadow building, sweet trap already also appeared sadly, especially negative increases price, make up add money to collect fees opaquely etc the project lets people's air defense be prevented deeply. A lot of new personality complain, the budget when patting marriage gauze 3000 yuan two, imperceptible however finally ground overspent one times more even, our newspaper this year " 3 · 15 " during launch a coverage at this point, half an year goes, the reporter discovered the trend of transparent consumption to get driving in the industry.

Miss Zhao and male friend hold wedding on next month bottom, this targetted newlywed person yesterday in street of urban orchid brook building of shadow of some marriage gauze booked a 2008 yuan marriage gauze to illuminate, as written as shadow building signed detailed rules. Shadow building controller tells a reporter, the coverage that our newspaper increases price about negative is affected in the industry very big, be in so today autumn on promotion, take advantage of an opportunity of this shadow building gives commitment: Assure to collect fees without later period. Miss Zhao tells a reporter, previously almost all friends say marriage gauze is illuminated have trap, as long as it is transparent price, on any account the know exactly about sth in how many him heart, such ability won't by flicker.

Answer the trap of building of marriage gauze shadow, city disappear protects appoint also remind broad new personality to the following notices when patting marriage gauze to illuminate: The field of of all kinds show that does not run in shadow building easily or it is street edge sales promotion exhibits a stage to make an appointment photography, because still often lack comprehensive understanding to this shadow building right now, had better be to do full course goods to compare 3, perhaps seek advice to the friend that has experience, choose the normal shadow building with better public praise. Because marriage gauze photography is not pure " consume " , there still are a lot of links that increase price after the agreement serves a formula, the false eyelash that when making up for instance, should use, dress that decides the makeup water, likelihood when choosing dress to be faced with upgrades, the requirement when choosing a picture buys negative, add buy album to wait, this is new people takes a picture the produces cost possibly segment in the process, what new people answers shadow building when make an appointment is whole the charge that films process and later period make place may arise becomes detailed knowledge, have written agreement. When the autograph is made an appointment with, want careful make deposit, cannot hand in more. According to legal provision, deposit also cannot exceed 20% of total prices at most. At the same time even before the clause that has negotiated with the businessman is stated one by one, had signed written agreement.
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