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Marry receive bright red bag to open looking is newspaper
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Yesterday, the area in change, miss Zhao family is revealed receive of the red bag that folds newspaper and pocket money

On October 28, it is the day that some Petroleum Company Miss Zhao holds wedding, and those who let young couple find both funny and annoying is, it is strange that 4 are received unexpectedly on marriage banquet red bag, there is half pieces of paper respectively inside, 1 yuan with 1 horn soft, add up to 1.8 yuan.

   Nearly causes misunderstanding of husband and wife

28 days, the wedding of Miss Zhao and Mr Cheng in emancipatory tablet hotel of class of a SamSung is held, banquet ran 40 much desks, occasion is very lively. 29 days, when red bag of Miss Zhao and elder sister check the amount, discover to there is one Zhang Yiyuan RMB only in a red bag among them actually. Red bag the reverse side is being written " wish, hundred years close very much. Chen Lin is friendly " . Because the name was kept on red bag, miss Zhao thinks man relatives and friends sends this at that time, unavoidable some are angry, "This is too unusual also! Even if express intention, how should be also nodded! How should be also nodded!!

Taking red Bao Xiangxian when Miss Zhao when unripe inquiry, the other side also is stupefied, "Made a mistake, I do not know this individual! " two people understand immediately, encounter " eat to be fed in vain " .

  Kinescope discovers the person that does not know

They continue check the amount, what discover a red bag is installed actually again is half pieces of newspaper. Later, they found out two to holding the red bag of money of 4 pieces of horn respectively again. They are in when leafing through bridal kinescope, also discovered the person that two are not known is in spot have dinner.

According to was in charge of the bride of sign in that day a good friend says, the person is much at that time, and the name was kept again on red bag, put into the bag to do not have directly on the spot check the amount. They are analysed, the entrance is lesser at that time, "Eat to be fed in vain " person inconvenience comes in directly, precondition red bag, again high-sounding ground enters marriage dinner scene.

Bridegroom Mr Cheng thinks, such behavior lets a person feel in the heart uncomfortable, "It is transient person actually, we also welcome you to attend wedding, can expert completely to come in just greatly. Can expert completely to come in just greatly..

Somebody uses marriage banquet to cheat eat cheat drink

Yesterday, say according to this hotel clerk, because the hotel is located in busy streets, according to them understanding also has had this matter previously, one-time nevertheless receive 4 " false " the odds of red bag really not much. "Average newlywed person won't dispute this matter, but newlywed should notice this issue. But newlywed should notice this issue..
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