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The name is diddle to hire gold to help fact of person pull wires
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Report from our correspondent on September 5, via Jin Dong area procuratorate is approved, be suspected of the Song Mou of bilk be being arrested lawfully.

Year the woman Song Mou of nearly 6 a period of ten days is person of town of hall of Jiang of Wu the city zone. On August 10 morning, song Mou the Fang Mou of loose in relief person that in a married woman's parents' home the dicker before come across of Song Yang county of beautiful water city is old gets acquainted with. In prattle, the divorce of daughter Zhou Mou that Fang Mou speaks of him 33 years old is old, did not marry up to now, it is irritated heart very, want to ask boy friend of Introduction Song Mou, song Mou agrees willingly.

On August 14 afternoon, song Mou comes to Jin Dong some village is pressed down below area mountain, drink with coming to denounce water for build knew Xie Mou of this village villager, after the eldest son Wang Mou that is informed Xie Mou did not hand in cummer, song Mou expresses to be able to be object of Introduction Wang Mou instantly, take out the Zhou Mou picture that carries, pretend Zhou Mou is maiden, this year ability is 29 years old. On August 15 morning, song Mou is taking Wang Mou to date to loose in relief county Home Zhou Mou, wang Mou's dignified to appearance week some sees admire, song Mou pretends Zhou Mou is very satisfactory also to Wang Mou. After returning Jin Hua the following day, song Mou hires gold with wanting to be engaged to the woman for, took 6080 yuan from foliaceous somewhere, put into him pocket entirely. To do not make Xie Mou removes suspicion, song Mou went into the street to buy cigarette to wait for article to Xie Mou, pretending is the woman's recompense, and Xie Mou of keep an eye on and Wang Mou do not disturb the woman, to moment the woman can phone Wang Mou actively. After waiting 3 days, xie Mou wants to exceed incorrect interest more, in letting son Wang Mou drive the woman to the home, the thing just comes to light.

After Song Mou diddle hires gold 6080 yuan, mix in the station austral urban car the following day a few person game that play a car were defeated by 3000 yuan, additionally a few use at repay a debt. According to handling a case inquisitor introduction, some ever was getting on the Song Dynasty century because 80 time make crime of fraud be sentenced set term of imprisonment 10 years.