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Net marriage a group of things with common features drive marry the development
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Early two years, chinese accurate new personality chooses to be in Olympic Games year happy knot manages repeatedly, became a kind of fashion. The plan is in Olympic Games year preparatory wedding, encounter many troubles however, banquet of marriage of bridal studio, wine shop orders service of hire of car of eat, marriage, explode every day actually full, want to choose satisfactory businessman, so not easy. Then, search through the network marriage celebrate looked for a hotel to become the quickest and convenient option. These year, platform of bridal preparatory network has been admitted by more and more youth place. 2008 Olympic Gameses year, marriage celebrate market charge when the river rises the boat goes up too. Accurate new people will seek material benefit, beg convenient, beg economical mental play to get incisively and vividly, the agitation that wedding prepares on the net is pushed to the climax.

"We should marry, have a person to you can introduce a pretty good marriage to celebrate a company? " " wedding is in surely on December 8, public house of Shanghai where home still has the place? " these cards on the net, often can draw a lot of with post, somebody introduces good businessman enthusiasticly, somebody is happy to share experience skill, be in Shanghai nowadays a pair of new personality, from decorate new residence to begin, to buy furniture, home appliance, pat marriage gauze to illuminate, place banquet, till final honeymoon travels, metropolis choice learns experience on the network, search a businessman, reveal the wedding that shares oneself and marriage to illuminate. Then, the website related very much marriage also emerge as the times require.

Net of marriage of for a long time falls the typical delegate of emerge as the times require in this tide namely. Seek advice according to IResearch Ai Rui newest roll out " marriage love the website that make friend / channel ranks a circumstance " data shows, net of marriage of for a long time is inside 3 years of short time, had surmounted home's numerous famous door website, make Chinese marriage trade get military strength to measure. Net of marriage of for a long time will be puissant make nationwide area chain, at present " net of marriage of for a long time " already waited for city of many 10 key of countrywide to establish branch site in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Hefei, Shenyang, Wuhan, predicting next year will attain the scale that enclothes 30 many provinces city of countrywide.

The marriage in net of marriage of for a long time community, seek marry help and revealed the post that shares bridal preparatory process to be occupied control most probably, visible, the network already became accurate new people the important intermediary place in planning bridal course. 2008 January 16 days, center of Chinese Internet information is announced the 23rd period Chinese Internet findings report, end 7 years on December 31, chinese netizen breaks through 210 million person, this data still is in refresh of fast real time. Same, marry industrial catenary businessman, arrive from doubt to Internet in what experience nearly 2 years wait-and-see reach exploration, spend to the self-identity of network media thereby had change in the round, have more very person, oneself development and live to rely on a network completely. These, right dedicated be engaged in marrying for practitioner of trade family status, it is an a shot in the arm undoubtedly.
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