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Industry annual produce is close countrywide head sets 500 million Wuhan college
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Yesterday, bud of king of new student of major of business affairs of electron of institute of profession of Wuhan civil administration turns successfully into civil administration to manage professional marriage to celebrate professional direction, become the 35th student of professional direction. Before this, classmate of the 6 major outside the name and king bud turn into this major direction euqally.

"Often can be enmeshed in happy atmosphere, can acquire broadcast chair, photography is photographed picture, the plan runs a variety of skill, the most important is, people more and more the habit is asked marriage celebrate a company to hold do wedding, marriage celebrate professional obtain employment to won't be differred. " Wang Meng says.

Assistant dean Zhang Xiaofang says, education approved marriage of this school open to celebrate professional application before office a week, summer 2009 enter a school, this school college of occurrence whole nation first marriage celebrates major.

"New people suffers educational degree and income level to rise ceaselessly, raised increasing individuation requirement to wedding, current marriage celebrates an industry, especially the marriage of Wuhan celebrates a company to still do not follow to go up the pace that countrywide marriage celebrates industry transition, difference highlights a watch to go up from quality of personnel of course of study now. " Zhang Xiaofang says, this is the original intention that this school application marriage celebrates major.

Marriage of a Wuhan celebrates the investigation discovery of market current situation, nearly 500 Wuhan city marriage celebrate a company, gross profit embellish is in of 1 million yuan of above be less than 10.

City marriage celebrates guild chairman Zhang Zhimin to say yesterday, wuhan predicted to have 150 thousand pairs of new personality marriage 2008, celebrate consumption by marriage of every pairs of new personality 3000 yuan of computation, industry production value is close 500 million yuan.
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