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Marriage gauze is illuminated make a trouble 3 times ceaseless
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Nowadays, the youth can go mostly before marry shadow building pats gauze of a marriage to illuminate take commemoration day, this is a beautiful thing, yellow gentleman of Dan Jinhua's citizen patted marriage gauze to illuminate likewise, however how glad also to do not rise. Recently, he calls our newspaper hot line 85252000 report, he and wife photograph in gauze of marriage of golden Hua Mou at the beginning of May the company pats marriage gauze to illuminate, just take a picture till August, meantime is troublesome and ceaseless.
At the beginning of May, mr Huang and week young lady were in company of photography of gauze of marriage of golden Hua Mou to pick a price formulas of 5000 multivariate marriage gauze photography. After taking a picture, photography company commitment can get a picture after a month. But a month went, photography company tells Mr Huang the photograph was not made as scheduled however finish. Soon wedding day will come, mr Huang and week young lady call one after another urgent. By June, marriage gauze is illuminated make eventually end. "Such photograph, how do we marry to use? " see album, mr Huang and week young lady are very dissatisfactory, because every page photograph had bubble. Photography company staff member mediates a dispute at once, acceptance is made afresh, but the ability after getting two weeks is taken. July the middle ten days of a month, marriage gauze is illuminated had been made afresh, mr Huang discovers the photograph still bubbles, and little a piece of photograph. "Feel embarrassed, we meet what make afresh. " the staff member apologizes again and again, mr Huang is strong keep back did not get angry.

At the beginning of August, mr Huang and week young lady were taken expect long already album. Miss Zhou is taking album feeling pleasedly to look to his friend. "How many pieces did you pat? " a friend asks. "59 pieces. " Miss Zhou replies. "But my number will be counted, there are 57 pieces of pictures only in album. " the friend's word makes Miss Zhou astonied, her number, little really two pieces of photographs. Mr Huang and week young lady are very angry, head for photography company to denounce a view. "My company helps you make afresh again. " the staff member says, mr Huang shakes his head. "Then we help you film afresh exterior. " the staff member says again. "My wife was pregnant, cannot too tired, accordingly need not retake exterior. I ask photography company is discharged marry the formal attire charge that day, compensate travelling expenses of 1000 yuan of cars. " Mr Huang says, do not cross him offer to be rejected by this company staff member. On September 13, mr Huang made an appointment with a few friends to park the car in photography company entrance to denounce a view, final the requirement that this company controller agreed Mr Huang.

The other day, the reporter is called contacted Tong Mou of director of this photography company, he admits historicity, nevertheless this matter has been solved. "It is more difficult to be engaged in service industry, it is more difficult to make all clients satisfied. It is more difficult to make all clients satisfied..
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