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Auspicious day gathers together marry " force " banquet giving night is bridal
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"11 " during, many people can receive bridal invitation of close friends, if discover wedding is in in the morning or hold in the evening, need not feel amazed.

Suffer a hotel to book nervous influence, many marriage banquets turned Shenyang into breakfast or late banquet.

Recently, ms. Cui that lives in Shenyang river area receives a piece of invitation of the friend, look carefully, wedding begins time is in the morning actually 8:38, "I think marriage banquet arranges at noon originally, did not think of so early, both neither is willing to get up to also not be willing to have a meal. " Ms. Cui says.

With Ms. Cui, many citizens were received " 11 " during in the morning or the marriage fete card of evening, "The invitation that I receive, marriage banquet begins time is afternoon at 5 o'clock. " citizen introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad gentleman says.

Yesterday, the reporter understands from public house of Shenyang much home, bridal instead perhaps is held in the evening in the morning be in this " 11 " very common.

"Our hotel should hold 34 marriage dinner one day sometimes, do not order mix in the morning afternoon, return some guest requirements to order in the evening, it is much at 5 o'clock afternoon commonly begin, ended more at 8 o'clock in the evening. " in the staff member says department of one hotel meal near the street, this and cancel " 51 " the golden week, bridal or acknowledge banquet by remit to " 11 " relative.

Folk-custom expert defends accepted theory or formulation together, china has bridal pick since ancient times " day of auspicious of fine celestial bodies " view, and often be thought by Shenyang person in the morning auspicious, but will look from scientific progress view, in the morning, midday, afternoon or holding wedding to will come to new personality in the evening was not affected, new personality but need not abstain from these.