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Want to get married first to suffer knife ridiculously expensive market in Ji
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I believe the vast majority of people drink the wedding banquet, eaten wedding, the reporters the impression that one is unpalatable for the wedding, the second is expensive. Able to do so unpalatable an expensive wedding, really is not a simple matter. A la carte dinner in the same hotel, eat five or six of 10 individuals of seven or eight hundred Yuan has been very good money, but now to find a table in the urban areas only seventy-eight hundred dollars it is difficult to add wedding difficult. These two days, the reporter to set the name of the wedding party, consulting a number of hotels, found that the price of wedding is indeed staggering. A four-star city hotel wedding lowest price is 1888 yuan a file table, and then further on is 2288 yuan, 2888 yuan ... ... does not cap, as long as you have money, shark teeth, abalone appetizer can; less star hotel although the price lower, but the same comparison stirring, 1,488 yuan, 1,588 yuan ... ... is not also refer to "big names" in the period of famous celebrities? "200 yuan? That is the cost! 2000 yuan, and you do not Xiangui, do not discount! New shopping you have to study psychology, who knows the cost of our wedding 200 wedding ... ... the slogan is that we do: not the best, but for the most expensive! "that 2,000 wedding anything good to eat it? Let me talk about wine, looking at'd "well-born" Unfortunately, students are stepmother: "Luzhou" brother "Luzhou blessing", "JLF" brother "JLF (Samsung)." Then the dishes are big pot out of the dish, and some hot food on the table ready for when the cold, the taste comparable to the unit canteen. And then also the success of new or young people, if you do not rely on their parents, all of a sudden come up with money to pay the wedding costs fifty-six ten thousand yuan, the difficulty is not small. Press Advisory urban hotels, for the wedding almost identical charging mode, all the requirements before the wedding to pay all the money, the difference is nothing more than the difference in advance of the date: Some hotels require advance 3 days, and some require advance for a week. Pre-planning a wedding for three or four million new people to have paid is a heavy burden. If you can pay a part of the deposit before the wedding, wedding guests after the end of the gift can be paid, no doubt ease the difficulty. Moreover, there is a wedding to pay benefits after that wedding if not satisfied, and the hotel also has room for bargaining. As a consumer, if the time to settle in advance all the costs are, no doubt, put yourself in a situation not swing, but almost all of the hotel refused to accept this payment form. There is a hotel marketing manager also said their concerns. She said the hotel used to be paid by way of post-wedding, but many people will find a variety of reasons, that the hotel did not place the withheld money. Your wedding, the other is not cheap. If you want to enjoy a good wedding photography service points, looking for high levels of photographers and makeup artist, you are waiting for the money on going out now. The urban area of a photo studio, for example, if you want to enjoy the 11th floor of the service, and that almost no one in series is less than 5,000 yuan, which is the basic price, cosmetics, when it comes to need another video to pay, do not get no 6000 down. Xiangui? Can go to other floors, ah, 5th Floor, relatively affordable. "For a grander sight, a higher level", that price is simply to Shanghao floors. When such sampling have strong will power more, or over budget is for certain. Can a wedding is a wedding color key, of course, to find a good company. Goods are not cheap these days, now a little known master of ceremonies, the audience presided over roughly the price of 2000 yuan, if coupled with a few programs, it would have risen to 3,000 yuan; production of a play but also three or four albums plus live hundred dollars. This one will bare more than 3000 yuan. This left the bulk of site layout. Sets provided by the company in the wedding department, appears to include many elements, closer look only to find all those chasing light, bubble machine, candle holders, champagne tower, electronic point of guns and the like necessary things, that these things can be One becomes a package together, with natural flowers, to dare to offer 4,000 yuan. What a flower inserted in the bill. Count here, not broke, right? Debt over ass, right? Go to make money quickly wipe.