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Jinhua City wedding industry chain integration
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Reporter yesterday from the Wedding Industry Association was informed of Jinhua City, after intense preparations, the city's first "one stop" service platform brand wedding --- Wedding Network Zhejiang put into operation next month. New people will purchase, home improvement or a wedding, wedding car, all you can to take care of the platform, easily the wedding. Couples from the preparatory to marriage, during which involves the wedding industry chain more than 10 industries, in addition to the wedding directly related to the wedding photo studio, wedding service companies, hotels, flowers, candy, etc., also includes real estate agents, interior decoration, the downstream industries . In the past couple planning a wedding often by their parents do it, and now young people are increasingly high demand for personalized wedding, many people like themselves, the results of running the West than the home owner, and often do a exhausted. So, whether we can make "one stop" service platform to the entire agency, without having to run around couples suffer it? City officials said the wedding industry associations, to build such a platform, is to try on the wedding industry, a new industrial chain integration. Wedding industry chain, there are mainly two major product type and service type industries. Product-oriented industries, including real estate, household goods, jewelry, etc., radiation resistant and provided for the city's new consumer services; and service industries, including studio, hotels, wedding companies, due to geographical constraints, in order to attract other county new consumer has some difficulties. In the past, City Council member of the wedding industry to do the business, industrial chain did not form between the sharing of resources, complementary mechanisms of cooperation. Today, the city's brand requirements of the joint wedding growing calls for this Association decided to organize wedding Zhejiang Brand Union, and the public network through a convenient platform for Zhejiang --- wedding network operations. "The reputation, the Zhejiang wedding Brand Union will work with the business bundle, a prosperity, a loss for both the maximum to ensure that the interests of consumers." City wedding industry association official said, in the past couples in the consumption process interests are loss is common, and some are harmed also kept in the dark. But by Zhejiang Brand Union to take care of wedding wedding matters to be subject to City wedding industry associations monitor consumer rights monitoring stations, especially in the service contract, to enjoy the price and quality assurance areas prone to disputes, the interests of more couples protection. To this end, the city wedding industry associations will join the brand's characteristics and advantages of each, integrity and service capacity of rigorous examination, high barriers to entry, those who have bad credit records or low cost businesses not and will not absorb. This is the wedding Zhejiang Brand Alliance won credibility of the security base. Join the brand online annually by consumers in the evaluation of the wedding, "Affiliate satisfaction index", introduced every year survival of the fittest.