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Jinhua: Wedding Danian holding "red" Lily
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Flower prices high throughout the year Popular from the beginning date of the marriage boom, exalted sweet business is booming, it took a hands high price. This reporter learned that, with the curve of the flower festival to go high and low prices firm up this year, especially the lily, the high prices on the perseverance to go from a straight line. A Lily 5 yuan more expensive than last year "Single lily 10 yuan, 15 yuan lily long, where are all the price." Yesterday, Wuyi Road flower market in the urban areas, a report out of the lily flower stall prices. Indeed, then asked all over the lily flower market price, the answer is 15 yuan, while operating independently in the urban part of the flower shop, lily of the prices of bulls sold for 18 yuan. Near the end of the year, various meetings with flowers increased, with flowers increased, while the meaning of the lily life of conjugal bliss is the first choice of wedding with flowers, both wedding car decoration, wedding bridal bouquet or arrangement, all can not live without it, it's worth a rose to rise. It is understood that this year, the city worth spending the most lily has long maintained at 12 to 15 yuan, February Valentine's Day rose once, "May Day" before the holiday of April and go over time, the teacher and then rose before the holiday time, up to now is still booming. "This year may be too many people really get married, lily of the stock market well, the original 1 bar (10) about the wholesale price of 50 yuan to 110 yuan is now long about Lily, the retail price how could you not rise?" Operators introduced last year's market, the first single lily general as long as 6 yuan per bottle, long in the 8 to 10 yuan, but this year even the lowest in the summer to spend time, long lily prices are more than 12 yuan, even 150 yuan the most common wedding car decoration, Gui year out than the 50 yuan, "the past few years did not seem too expensive, but compared to Hangzhou, Jinhua pretty good, people at least sell 20 bulls Element one. " Price increases in short supply Asked the reasons for the substantial increase in flower prices, the urban florist Binhong Road, blurted out: "ah with large flowers." The owner introduced Danian wedding with flowers flowers is caused by the sharp rise in prices rose the most important reason, This is now spent every holiday with a reason to raise prices. Indeed, the flower market, said a number of stall holders, wedding car decorated with flowers Special fees, less to spend 150 yuan, more than 1,500 yuan a car will use around flowers, especially weekends, many stall holders have expressed there will be about 10 cars wedding car business. So why is lily prices firm? This reporter has learned, is also a wedding with flowers, the same price rose symbolizes love, is now 1.5 yuan / branch, although the increase, but not much. In this regard, a shop owner said that this year the city started the wedding with flowers that prefer lighter colors, such as the symbol of purity, white, pink and so on. In addition to the increase of the amount, there is a reason for this is a small lily this year coincides with the years.