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Chinese marriage celebrates industry structure
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Marriage celebrate an industry to growing to face south newly for gradually industry, marriage gauze of the marriage gauze formal attire that celebrates consumptive market, marriage photographs, of the industry such as headgear of banquet of bridal service, marriage, gemDevelopMature with each passing day, if the ** industry that consumes with newly-married is home appliance, furniture, bedding, indoor decorate, the 40 many associated industries such as insurance of estate, car, bank, the marriage that forms your person to fix eyes upon stage by stage celebrates industrial catenary, was full of tremendous and potential business chance. Be in marriage in celebrating the process that the industry develops quickly, relevant enterprise also pays attention to brand service and dimensions to manage more and more, marriage the service of high administrative levels that celebrate also is in grow in quantity, whole industry is being changed to satisfy contemporary youth diversity, vogue, the individuation, demand that seeks romantic service and hard, marriage celebrate the industrial chain with big industry to be being formed stage by stage.

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Marriage celebrate as a burgeoning industry, already arrived in the whole nation hot degree. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, marriage celebrate a company to be like the emerge in large numbers like emerge, for instance Guangzhou has 30 marriage to celebrate service company only before 5 years, had exceeded 100 now. Division of labor of bridal service industry is refined, service limits expands and abound increasingly, had included wedding to seek advice, bridal plan, wedding makes up, MVDesignFilm, marriage car is rental wait for a respect, enter comprehensive promotion phase from simple service, develop to culture administrative levels, pay attention to service and diversity, individuation. Nevertheless, at present bridal service industry still does not have a standard, lack industry standard behavior, industry whole still is in start level. Only Shanghai, Henan mixed the whole nation to hold water without stannum marriage celebrate association, marriage of the others area celebrates an industry to still be in the condition that is battle severally. Because quality is not high,be, lackInnovate
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