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Olympic Games year big marriage is indoor marriage gauze illuminates true condit
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08 Olympic Gameses year, a lot of new personality are driven this year to marry, the marriage of nowadays Beijing celebrates industry business flourishing, shadow building, marriage celebrates a company eating an Olympic Games to grab year marriage celebrate cake be eager for doing sth. Recently, the reporter sees when building of shadow of gauze of a few marriage is visited, market of marriage gauze photography from serve than going all out than spelling the price to begin to upgrade, from spell originality than spelling dress to upgrade to compare, become independent from early days between transhipment of through cargo, luxurious anteroom, film to metaphase individuation gimmick, the luxurious originality album that makes to later period again, the competition of market of marriage gauze photography moves toward high end gradually.

   One-stop transparent consumption

In recent years, market of marriage gauze photography is swift and violent develop, atelier of the building of shadow of gauze of large and famous marriage of Beijing, photography, swift and violent like emerge development. But have not form a standard because of the industry, later period chaos collects fees phenomenal common occurance.

The reporter understands from many new personality, take a picture in the choice commonly when covering a department, dare not pick the price too tall, the reason is in namely take a picture the cost that a lot of other can produce in the process, if dress upgrades cost, add a cost to wait, if choose an one department that covers 3999 yuan, general and final price can go to 559 yuan, get on 10 thousand yuan even.

Controller of Beijing dragon photography tells a reporter, new personality must look more when choosing shadow building, ask more, dress is free like best choice and dragon photography style picture building, the metropolis covering a department of every price has for the client sufficient wait for chosen dress, and all marriage gauze, evening dress is brand-new, avoid 2 times to collect fees brought unpleasantness and pecuniary loss. Scene of 360 degrees of indoor fact films

The consumer that films marriage gauze is illuminated is the fashionable youth that seeks high-end consumption mostly, the false setting prop of conventional film building cannot have satisfied their requirement. Although true move the exterior of feeling to film very those who suffer fashionable white-collar is close look at, but a lot of element such as accident of weather variation, holiday, high cost, very will much person close the door on. Instantly, base of photography of gauze of marriage of indoor fact scene is in Beijing sadly arisen, be located in southeast Beijing of 5 annulus " fort of love of movie and TV of round-the-world Long Ren " assembled a few world-renowned landscape such as highway of a pavilion or house on a terrace in sweet a pavilion or house on a terrace of Paris of cathedral of Greek Aegean, Rome, France, adopt the reasonable position of architect, compare one fact situation is ideal appear, it lets new personality suffer the element worry such as weather, time no longer, 365 days of perfect marriage yarn that provide 360 degrees for new personality take an experience.
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