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Chinese cheongsam remains bridal popular dress
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As " pattern time " heat is sowed, in the grace that numerous youth wears a cheongsam in Zhang Manyu, found them surprizingly of another specific type " ego " , resemble discovering the New World-the Americas begins to cast eye to Chinese traditional dress commonly, take this kind of ego to his wedding at the same time.
Actually, cheongsam from last centuries begin at the beginning of 90 time popular on wedding, just at that time basically is gules be in power, design also owes diversity. Come more than 10 years, bridal cheongsam was abounded from the respect such as colour, design, quality of a material already rise, become Oriental bride forever love.

Marriage of wedding of association of Chinese dress stylist acts professional committee chairman, expert of famous and bridal culture Ms. Chen Fumei witnessed a cheongsam to regard as marriage the changes that take, propose the concept of elegant outfit all the time. Give a cheongsam to wanting the new a form of address for one's wife that get married how to be worn today, must wait for a respect from the figure of colour, design, fabrics and individual, temperament careful consider, and cannot ignore hair act the role ofing, deserve to act the role of, shoe, make up wait for detail element, should have innovation consciousness more.

One, the colour of the cheongsam

■ bright red color: Suit the bride with largish age, what because bright red color is OK,show a bride is sedate and easy.

■ rosy: Suit the bride with lighter age, because of itself cutaneous skin pledges very good, line with rosy color, can make the bride appears green and handsome.

■ cardinal: Suit sedate the intellectual woman that has self-restraint.

■ white: Suit to stress life quality quite and income quite the bride of abundant, local and OK the margin that rolls red, or large area sets silver-colored smooth paillette, can appear exceedingly elegant.

■ yellow and tangerine yellow: Also be not the facial expression that the bride of lockstep can consider to use.

2, the figure of the design of the cheongsam and bride

■ the bride of figure thin and small says not to suit to wear a cheongsam from firm sense.

■ the figure is bulky model suit to wear X cheongsam, this kind of design can is opposite cloak result reachs since too plump hip.

■ disposition is lively good move model the bride also suits to wear X model, of such brides it is OK to stand to sit all right more freely a few.

■ well-balanced leg better bride puts on the figure the dominant position that both sides opens the cheongsam of fork to be able to show form and structure more.

3, the face of the collarband of the cheongsam and bride
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