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Marriage celebrate a height to beware marriage according to 3 go greatly regular
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"Wanted to marry, original mood is very good, can pat mood of the what after get married is illuminated to be destroyed. " recently, miss Zhang and Mr Liu are in Guangzhou citizen building of shadow of some marriage gauze took the urban district marriage gauze is illuminated, pat the mood of this pair of new personality after illuminating to be differred extremely, appeal to bitter water greatly to the reporter.

Miss Zhang says, oneself are being patted marriage when illuminating, of makeup girl " be good at teaching " hour letting a person is not gotten quiet, want recapture negative to be informed to want to draw out money again however... the reporter understands in investigate publicly and privately, the newly-wed especially the bride that encounters so like Miss Zhang cans be found everywhere. Because marriage gauze photographs,this industry is compared " special " , average consumer lifetime only such taking a picture process, before personal experience, major customer is very little to this industry understanding; Add Chinese tradition " the graph is auspicious " psychology, boss of building of a few shadows " clever " the ground got this chance, consumer one not careful, can walk into the boss to had been dug " hole " in, happy event increased infinite trouble in vain.

  Go regulation markets cosmetic from which draw-out deduct a percentage from a sum of money

Miss Zhang tells a reporter, making up in the process, makeup girl says intentionally: "The skin that you treat you is so dry, if can use on one bottle of belt to protect wet calm makeup of effect calm makeup elite fluid, the meeting is a lot of better. The bride that comes here to take a picture has been used. The price is not expensive, it is quite good that after using, the effect takes a picture. " saying, makeup girl conveniently takes out a bottle to decide from the drawer makeup elite fluid.

When Miss Zhang gentle words refuses, the face of makeup girl spun immediately. But did not pass how long, makeup girl begins to be promoted to Miss Zhang again calm makeup elite fluid, promote the face that still pointing to Miss Zhang at the same time to say at the same time: "Need not decide the word of makeup fluid, makeup drop very easily. You look, the pink here has begun. " although makeup girl recommends those who use some to appoint a brand strongly,decide makeup fluid, but Miss Zhang him young lady already had foreign famous brand decide makeup fluid, think to need not be bought again.

Later, miss Zhang understands, makeup girl borrows makeup machine to recommend a product to the bride, can get deduct a percentage from a sum of money of high specified number from inside sale, and shadow building also can from which draw-out probably the deduct a percentage from a sum of money of 10% .

   Go charge of high specified number of collection of regular and redundant negative
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