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Entrance cosmetic chooses have exquisite
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Report from our correspondent (peak of Chen Bin of reporter of learn on job) yesterday, the reporter visits discovery of brand shop of a few cosmetic, entrance cosmetic is making the central point that a lot of ladies love the United States go after, but the entrance cosmetic with to how choosing authentic consumer, still existing blind area.

Yesterday afternoon, citizen king lady is before the cosmetic bar of full of beautiful things in eyes, turned a long time, still take errant definite view, be afraid that the cosmetic that buys exists such or in that way problem, endanger the health of oneself even.

City discrepancy condition examines the relevant staff member of quarantine bureau expresses, choose entrance cosmetic, whether is should examine a product above all or CIQ on consumer package (Chinese discrepancy condition examines quarantine) mark. A few content must be made clear on product standard, include product name, original name yield a country, Netherlands, agency, importer, in China the agent is in home lawfully the name of the name of registration book and address, maker and address, contents quantity, date is tagged, indicate entrance cosmetic sanitation allows approval article number. Store in what still need to make clear safe warning and use guideline, contented expiration period and security demand when necessary condition, still must make clear a few main demands: Cosmetic label should not become ambiguous in current link fall off even; The label place of cosmetic uses a written language should be normative Chinese character; Can use Chinese Phonetic Alphabet or foreign language at the same time, but must spell correct; Entrance cosmetic should use normative Chinese character to tag each content at the same time; Label place uses unit of measurement, should be with unit of quantity of national law devise a stratagem accurate. The product quality with these only all ready things just has assure, consumer just can be at ease buy.