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Furniture sells a market that answers furniture rocket pressure to value second
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If say the furniture of the end of the year rose in price last year,go up some are implicatively (dozen it is difficult to fold, privilege is little) , so the furniture since first half of the year rises in price this year with respect to clearly. As we have learned, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, wooden furniture the price this year rises already exceeded 10% . Bead manufacturer of a lot of furniture all represents three-cornered: In September, will continue to adjust the price to answer raw material to rise in price in October, go up will be in 10%-15% .

Face the pressure that place of furniture price rocket brings, household sells field is deep have feeling. How to maintain commodity price stability, digest rise in price cost, drive thereby sell a person gas and clinch a deal the forehead, become sell use opportunity of gold of second half of the year, walk out of the crucial seat that sells difficult position first half of the year.

Household product rises in price hasten of general trends place

Because raw material rises in price, rate of furniture exit drawback is reduced, increase with sale cost artificially wait for all sorts of reasons, this year first half of the year, guangzhou, Shenzhen bead trigonometry big city, the price of furniture appeared new one round rise, especially furniture deserves to act the role of, the product such as mattess, sofa. And photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, furniture raw material, artificial rose in price 10% to 30% , the furniture producer price of all sorts of class also has different rate rise. Many consumer are mirrorred, "Since July, although how to change,many furniture, building materials sells the product of field the price, but sales promotion discount decreased however. " it is reported, the price of the material inside furniture, be like hardware uses aluminous material, stainless steel, return those who have the chemical stuff such as paint, glue to rise in price, it is the main factor that affects furniture price wave motion.

In addition, as labor concentrated model industry, artificial charge is one of main composition elements of price of furniture industry whole. New " labor contract law " already began to be carried out formally on January 1 this year, the enterprise must be versed in in the employee for its pay provide for the aged, unemployed, inductrial injury, bear, medical treatment is sure 5 times. This raised the labour cost of furniture company undoubtedly, originally already very meager gain will be forced as a result of the promotion of labour cost " shrink " . The personage inside many course of study thinks, 10 years lumber supplies future nervous, rising in price will be industry whole trend, what place of domestic furniture line of business is faced with is last and enormous cost pressure. To this, zhu Changling of vice-president of Chinese furniture association expresses: "Resource is in short supply, raw material rises in price, the household product that includes furniture inside rises in price is prospective big trend. The household product that includes furniture inside rises in price is prospective big trend..
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