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"Direct seeding of bridal whole world is unchallenged already "
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Cannot hurry to the bridal spot of new personality, also will feel regretful henceforth. The reporter celebrates guild know from city marriage yesterday, undertake through the website the technology of direct seeding of bridal spot whole journey has captured, reside the relatives and friends with abroad even other place to be able to pass attend a ceremony of network direct seeding not only personally, still can pass video, undertake interacting conversational with spot new personality, let bridal occasion become more sweet and romantic.

Shanghai marriage celebrates guild secretary-general He Lina to tell a reporter, association and Oriental net marriage celebrate channel to cooperate, have a service by the professional team of experience of hookup of rich network video. "At present already 8 pairs of new personality undertook making an appointment, believed 2008, the newlywed person that selects this high-tech service is returned will more. " for the relatives and friends to cannot hurrying to Shanghai, wedding of network direct seeding returns OK and managing not little expense, already environmental protection sweet.

When department chief Yu Jian accepts a reporter to interview yesterday, progress of career of direct seeding of celebration of Shanghai Oriental net expresses, the device that is used at bridal network direct seeding is current the the most professional, most advanced. "Global hookup is unchallenged also. "Global hookup is unchallenged also..

Besides the other place relatives and friends can see spot activity through the network, beatific short message also can be broadcasted in bridal spot scroll. There is the relatives and friends of video equipment in the home, still can undertake with new personality spot video speaks. In addition, the reporter celebrates channel to discover in Oriental net marriage, order the people of a new type of bridal network direct seeding, still can build website of individual wedding theme, have all sorts of introductions with picture and character.