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Household sells move of position of field trade war to be hit to the net from st
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Household sells a competition increasingly intense change, in last few years, unexpectedly triumphant dragon of beauty of the home, red star national sell greatly change in succession to contend for region market between field action, with the place strong household sells a close body fight hand-to-hand, trench warfare competition already turned white-hot approximately. In addition still be faced with capital pressure, content shedding to deserve to send, the problem of the respect such as manpower. Recently, some household sells field operation high level to say: Begin construction of platform of wiring electron business affairs, gain the opportunity of war of prospective network sale, trade war is hit to the net from storefront.

Dilate of skill circle ground is hit single-handed " soft outfit card "

Unexpectedly the national household such as triumphant dragon of beauty of the home, red star sells a quickness circle ground dilate, march other cities market, sell a fight closely with local advantage more and more intense. Unexpectedly the home marchs Xi'an market, as strong as place sell field is big bright palace is banned each other, be in subsequently Shandong and silver fight firm, bring so that be in business with brand business an in an uproar. More or less can clothbound room market suffer the left and right sides of estate, "Light is repaired, reshipment is repaired " the latent capacity market that is considered as an outfit development, the soft outfit experience that immediately sells a high end in fixed position each is high-key rise abruptly. Soft adornment changes professional household to the market from bazaar, general merchandise and the independent storefront with form etiquette older standard, the beautiful home that overcome the United States is acted the role of taste inn to wait in succession practice is soft outfit inn gradually arisen evidence. Readjust of near future of garden of rich of world of house of Guangzhou beauty Home Lin international life house, the soft outfit with special open up, deserve to act the role of a zone, in be being faced explicitly high-grade crowd. And Home La Jingli is aimed at secondhand room market did relevant the way to deal with a situation.

Wiring electron business affairs is won " website " first machine

In traditional channel " rise from all directions of smoke of gunpowder " hind, household sells again and again the movement points to electronic business affairs, ace is enrolled too who to see be grabbed first first machine. Defend net of the clean in platform of electronic business affairs to observe according to hutch, current household sells a square electronic business affairs to still be in preliminary development phase, the function reveals platform; to act as more online trade to come true rarely. Rate of digitlization of product of the household on Internet is very low, and customer is very big to the demand of this kind of information. Beginning to build website of electronic business affairs now is optimal opportunity. Website of base of headquarters of pottery and porcelain of dragon of Jimei household, Fujian also was added respectively " online purchase " platform, the blue ant that Home La Jingli develops the nothing is more... than that becomes dimensions a bit at present, 51cwc.cn puts forward " the Su Ning on the net " mode also is worth to draw lessons from, namely the mode that the hutch on the net defends the concept of the city to use major to evaluate the channel below net inn line, household product follows common quick pass the time in a leisurely way is tasted have very big distinction, involve a lot of professional knowledge, 51cwc.cn depended on successfully satisfying the psychological requirement of consumer information vitrification already, can dispense with agency is layer upon layer the link of booth benefit.
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